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Bike tours in Scotland

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North Coast 500

8 Days Adv-Challenging 834 KmAVG 119 Km
This is a new cycle tour in our portfolio. Cycling almost 518 miles around the Scottish coastline in 7 days is a tough ride. The total ascent is the equivalent of cycling to Camp 3 on Mount Everest, twice and we haven’t even mentioned the wind, it’s almost guaranteed to blow and as we are ...

Trails and Glens Biking

7 Days 65 MLSAVG 13 MLS
A variety of biking options will be offered on this 7day/ 6 night cruise. Each day our experienced guide will show you the best of the trails and rides around and beyond the Great Glen. We provide a mixture of trail, forest track, towpath and scenic road that we don’t have time to offer on our ...

Bike the Great Glen

4 Days Moderate 65 MLSAVG 16 MLS
A 4 day cruise where you have the opportunity to cycle the 78 mile coast to coast route through the Great Glen on a mixture of towpaths, forest tracks and quiet scenic roads. Our friendly guide accompanies you whilst our barge team moves your accommodation to meet you.

Scotland, The North

6 Days Adv-Challenging 360 MLSAVG 72 MLS
The ultimate cycling adventure for riders looking to push themselves, following part of the famous North Coast 500 route in the North Highlands of Scotland. An intense five day tour designed to physically and mentally challenge you. 360 miles with 8000m of climbing against a backdrop of sea ...

Scotland, The Borders Raid

2 Days Moderate 150 MLSAVG 75 MLS
A short 2 day ride in the breathtaking Scottish Borders. Starting and finishing close to Edinburgh (within 30 minutes of the airport) this cycling tour provides the perfect mini escape on two wheels. Quiet roads, rolling hills and pretty villages await you. We have selected two contrasting ...

Land's End to John O'Groats

18 Days 1050 MLSAVG 61 MLS
The End to End is the UK's classic cycle tour from southern tip to northern nip, over 1,000 miles from Lands End to John O'Groats through the UK's most dramatic scenery. However this is more than your average bike ride... We'll be staying at some of the most inspiring eco communities ...

Glasgow, Loch Lomond and The Outer Hebrides

8 Days Moderate 418 Km
8 days and nights of wild and wonderful adventures on the north-west coast of Scotland. Starting on the edge of Scotland's largest city, Glasgow, where we follow the Clyde out of the city towards Loch Lomand National Park. Here is a place of rolling hills in the south changing into high ...

Lands End to John O'Groats Explorer

22 Days Mod-Advanced
The ultimate cycling holiday in the UK - that really is the only way to describe our Land’s End to John O’Groats epic ride. Just about every cyclist should make this journey at least once in their lifetime. Starting in Land’s End, to take advantage of the prevailing wind, we skedaddle off on ...

Kirkcudbright Hub

3 Days
Kirkcudbright ( pronounced Kir-Coo-Bree ) ... is one of Scotland's most vibrant small towns and right in the heart of great cycling country. We call it home for our single base holidays, our HUB ROUTES. We are not the first, many before have also called it home; from Celtic tribes to the Roman ...

Magical Stewartry

3 Days
Galloway's coast has always had more than its share of history. The remains of long abandoned settlements are dotted along the coast, with ruined churches and graveyards now in the middle of fields. People raised stone circles and cairns, and left behind cup and ring carved art thousands of ...

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