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Scatto Bike Tours
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+39 3398297940
Torri di Arcugnano Vicenza
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Scatto Bike Tours

Scatto Bike Tours

Surge, sprint, attack, this is what Scatto means in Italian. Will you be able to make that final “scatto” up to your luxurious hotel after a tough/exhausting day cycling along secluded yet challenging roads across historic Italy?

They offer physically challenging bike tours for small groups of guests. Break away from mass tours, opt out of well known bike routes. Place yourself in the hands of expats who have committed their lives to bikes and Italy.
Their Tours

Alps to Med

8 Days 608 KmAVG 101 Km
Ride over some of the highest mountain passes in Europe and finish off swimming in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea; this is the latest classic Scatto point-to-point trip. Challenge yourself to some serious climbing, and then reward yourself with a beautiful dinner on the Ligurian coast.
Updated by CTG on 8 Oct 2017

Trans Dolomites

8 Days 559 KmAVG 93 Km
Cross the Dolomites!! This is a challenge for any cyclist. Enjoy the breathtaking landscape, majestic mountains, charming Alpine villages, and that renowned Italian food and wine. The Dolomites do not disappoint. We’ve designed one of the hardest routes across the region, and you’ll even thank ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Oct 2017

Venice to Rome

8 Days 648 KmAVG 108 Km
This is definitely an awesome trip, it gives you the chance to visit two of the most beautiful cities in the world and explore all in between. We travel though Veneto, cross the Apennines, visit Tuscany and the famous Chianti region to then finish in the eternal city of Rome.
Updated by CTG on 8 Oct 2017

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