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Scatto Bike Tours
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Torri di Arcugnano Vicenza
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Scatto Bike Tours

Surge, sprint, attack, this is what Scatto means in Italian. Will you be able to make that final “scatto” up to your luxurious hotel after a tough/exhausting day cycling along our secluded yet challenging roads across historic Italy?

We offer physically challenging bike tours for small groups of guests. Break away from mass tours, opt out of well known bike routes. Place yourself in the hands of expats who have committed their lives to bikes and Italy.

Our tours are not for the fainthearted. Be prepared to put in the effort, but we will be there to make it a pleasurable experience…every pedal of the way.

We take the back roads and will show you the real the beaten track

With us you will receive the best possible assistance. We have an experienced mechanic and our specialist masseur, who has worked for professional cyclists.

Food and accommodation is unique. This is not about mass comfort or chains. This is about finding a unique experience, a villa hidden in a hillside, a restaurant where mamma still cooks. Scatto is run by expats who have lived in Italy most of their lives… they know their way around Italy.
Their Tours

Tour of Veneto / Dolomites

6 Days 651 KmAVG 130 Km
Scatto has organised this Tour to show off how beautiful our backyard is. We are from Veneto, more precisely from Vicenza, and will be proud and honoured to guide you through some spectacular areas. Our tour will take you through the heart of Veneto, up to Lake Garda an then into the wonderful ...
Updated by CTG on 28 Nov 2016

Venice to Rome

6 Days 680 KmAVG 136 Km
This is definitely an awesome trip, it gives you the chance to visit two of the most beautiful cities in the world and explore all in between. We travel though Veneto, cross the Apennines, visit Tuscany and the famous Chianti region to then finish in the eternal city of Rome. Lennard Zinn ...
Updated by CTG on 28 Nov 2016

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