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Santa Marta Eco Bike Tours
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Santa Marta Eco Bike Tours

Ecobike Tours offers cycle rides led by urban and rural environments in Santa Marta (Magdalena, Colombia)
Their Tours

Historic Center Tour

2.5 Hours
Pedal through the streets and squares of the historic center. You appreciate the Cultural Heritage of the Santa Marta colonial and republican, represented in real estate as the Cathedral, first built in Latin America, the Cloister of San Juan Nepomuceno where the Museum of Art at the University ...
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Santa Marta Urban Tour

2.5 Hours
Meet the oldest city in the continental America, starting with the historic center after a walk through its streets and squares, to head east and witness as the "modern" city grew in line with their economic, cultural and political. From the neighborhoods around the center, to monuments erected ...
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Tour of Museums

4 Hours
This tour starts at the Ethnographic Museum, where documentary evidence is the impact caused by the Spanish conquest, and an exhibition of graphic and furniture civil history of the city, of the daily life of a multiethnic society, rich in intangible culture. Then passed to the Art Museum ...
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