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Santa Marta Eco Bike Tours
Contact Number:
+57 304 3451367
Carrera 33 # 14-31
Santa Marta Magdalena
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Santa Marta Eco Bike Tours

Santa Marta Eco Bike Tours

Santa Marta Ecobike Tours offers cycle rides led by urban and rural environments in Santa Marta (Magdalena, Colombia)

Santa Marta Ecobike Tours shows domestic and foreign tourists the other side of a city that has much to offer for everyone.

"The paths allow the rider to know more closely the tourist attractions, historical and cultural aspects of Santa Marta, at the hands of enthusiastic bilingual guides who know the history, folklore and local dynamic day and night, as well as urban and cilcistas experienced cyclists."
Their Tours

Santa Marta Urban Tour

2.5 Hours
Meet the oldest city in the continental America, starting with the historic center after a walk through its streets and squares, to head east and witness as the "modern" city grew in line with their economic, cultural and political. From the neighborhoods around the center, to monuments erected ...
Updated by CTG on 31 May 2018

Pozo del Amor

1.5 Hours
Updated by CTG on 31 May 2018

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