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Salento Bici Tour
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+39 346 08 62 717
+39 329 12 73 010

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Salento Bici Tour

Salento Bici Tour

Salento Bici Tour is a no-profit organisation, founded in 2011 by the ideas and passion of two young guys from Salento.

"We want to help spread the bicycle as a mean of transport, developing cycle tourism in Salento, and stimulate a critical knowledge of the territory and landscape, sustaining and giving visibility to the local firms and people."
Their Tours

Classic Salento

9 Days
A weekly tour with our expert guides so to discover deeper this land. A full immersion in its landscape, people, sounds, legends thousand years old.
Updated by CTG on 16 Nov 2017

Classic Salento Self-guided

8 Days 306 KmAVG 51 Km
Seven days on pedals, following our gps maps leading you in the most evocative corners, to the countryside roads, small villages and handcraft laboratories…. This travel is suitable for couples, families but also singles or small groups of friends.
Updated by CTG on 16 Nov 2017

From Matera to Lecce: among trulli, wine and olive trees

8 Days
It starts from Matera, a unique city whose buildings are carved into the rocks themselves, and which has been designated as ‘European Capital of Culture’ for 2019. Among rolling hills and olive growing countryside you arrive in the Valle d'Itria: land of the ‘trulli’, unique stone buildings with ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Nov 2017

Italian Language Course by Bicycle

10 Days
An italian language course by bike?! Yes, it is! A unique way to get in touch with land, local culture and people. A proper tour, with a lot of cycling, guided visits, stop on the sea…. And moreover an intensive language course lead by professional teachers. Lessons take place in the shade of ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Nov 2017

Salento Bike & Camp

7 Days
A journey meant for the more daring! Armed with tents, sleeping bags, stoves and many desire to be together we will cross the heel of Italy overnight stay in camping and cottages. A week in kinetic energy between the towns, the villages, the countryside and the sea of Salento. Slow pace, lots of ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Nov 2017

Salento Food and Wine Tour

9 Days
If you want to deeply discover a territory, you might feel its smells, its tastes, the food and the wine…. Salento’s kitchen style includes seaside and ground flavors, mixing each other in a very special way which make happy all “gourmet” people. A good glass of wine, Negroamaro or Primitivo ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Nov 2017

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