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Guilin & Guangxi
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Guided, Hosted (Ride Leader)
14 days
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Apr, Sep, Oct
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Saddle Skedaddle

Guilin & Guangxi

A simply amazing mountain bike holiday in China to Guilin and Guangxi in the South West of China.

14 Days Moderate

This is the China one often imagines: hardy farmers tilling lush rice paddies with water buffaloes, bamboo lined emerald rivers snaking through farmland and pine forest, mist swept limestone peaks and ancient villages dot the countryside.

It’s no wonder the region has been favoured by poets and painters for centuries. Whilst the area is quietly gaining recognition abroad, it is still possible to lose yourself in a timeless rural lifestyle that remains unchanged over centuries as we cycle little trafficked back roads and trails.

Our ride begins in the small township of Ziyuan, populated by the Dong Minority group, and follows a route through the Yuecheng Mountains, famous for the impressive Longji, Dragon’s Backbone and rice terraces where we’ll meet the friendly Zhuang, Yao and Miao people who have carved out their living on the mountain sides over the centuries.

An undoubted highlight is cycling through the thousands of limestone karst peaks and ancient villages along the Li River. We'll also swap our pedals for paddles and hop aboard bamboo rafts for some of the most spectacular sections along the river, before cycling into Yangshuo - the regions famous laid back backpacker hub - where east meets west in rural China.
85% of meals provided, 8 days biking, 1 day hiking, guided and vehicle support
Flights, Bike Hire (Available), Travel Insurance
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