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Sacred Rides
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International +1 647-999-7955
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720 Bathurst St
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Sacred Rides

Since 1996, Sacred Rides has been guiding Riders from around the world on some of the planet's most amazing singletrack. With local guides leading the way, our Rides showcase not only beautiful trails but also local culture and communities.

Our Responsible Riding mandate is among the most extensive in the business - in addition to donating a percentage of each trip's revenues to local community projects, we also offer opportunities to volunteer on projects and have our own nonprofit organization (Bikes Without Borders), dedicated to developing healthy communities through bikes and bike-related solutions.
Their Tours

Inca Trail Bring-Your-Partner Adventure

10 Days Moderate-Advanced
Have a partner who doesn't mountain bike? Wish you could bring him/her along on your next mountain bike adventure, and both have an amazing time? Well, we have just the solution for you! This incredible couples' trip features all the spine-tingling singletrack riding Peru has to offer for the ...

Women's Weekend Mountain Bike Skills Camp

2 Days
Confidence. That's the #1 thing our skills camp participants tell us they get from our instructors. After spending a weekend getting hands-on instruction on a variety of mountain bike skills, they consistently tell us that they come home with their confidence vastly improved. They're more ...

Rocky Mountain Women's Mountain Bike Camp

8 Days Advanced - Challenging
Goodbye fear, hello confidence. For 10 years now, women have been coming from across North America and the world to attend our award-winning 8-day skills camp in the spectacular Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. You'll come for the expert instruction (and get plenty of that), but you'll ...

California Women's Weeklong Mountain Bike Camp

7 Days
Want to ride some of the best singletrack and see some of the most beautiful scenery Northern California has to offer? Care to toast a glass of wine while taking in an amazing coastal sunset with your new trail riding crew? Join us in beautiful Northern California for this week-long skills camp ...

Rocky Mountain Bring-Your-Partner Adventure

8 Days Advanced - Challenging
Have a partner who doesn't mountain bike? Wish you could bring him/her along on your mountain bike adventures, and both have a rockin' good time? Well, we've got the solution for you! Our newest Ride features lots of amazing singletrack riding for the mountain bikers (with an itinerary similar ...

Sublime Southwest

7 Days Easy
There are places on Earth where you can stand and look out over a spectacular landscape and feel both small and mighty at the same time; you stand in awe of just how freaking beautiful our planet is and maybe get a chill or two down your spine. On this fun-filled 7-day adventure, you’ll get ...

Majestic Multisport Getaway

4 Days Easy
On this fun-filled, multisport weekend adventure, you’d better hold on to your jaw, because you’ll find it dropping at every turn. Southwestern Utah is smack dab in the middle of the most striking scenery anywhere in the world – the perfect backdrop for a weekend adventure! You’ll ride some of ...

Alps and Adriatic Multisport

8 Days Easy
A mountain bike is by far the best way to explore the sheer beauty and old world charm of this remarkable region, covering distances too great to conquer by foot, but at a pace slow enough to take all the surrounding beauty in. We’ll access backcountry roads and forested trails while marveling ...

Cusco to the Amazon

10 Days Easy
This incredible 10-day itinerary serves up a heaping portion of history, culture and outdoor adventure, taking you from the foot hills of the world's second largest mountain range, all the way up to the world-renowned Machu Picchu and through one of the most biodiverse areas of the world: the ...

Patagonia Pedal and Paddle

9 Days Moderate
The word Patagonia conjures up images of brave adventurers and remote landscapes in a hidden corner of the world. For centuries the world's bravest have tested themselves in these lands - often with disastrous results. These days, Patagonia still offers up plenty of adventure, but without the ...

Ultimate Family Adventure

7 Days Easy
Mountain biking parent(s) looking for an amazing family adventure... look no longer! Have you dreamed of getting away for an active adventure but don't know what to do with the kids? Bring them along! On this 7-day adventure on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, we've got morning rides for the ...

Mexico Yoga/ Mountain Bike Retreat

8 Days Easy
We've got just the ticket for a recharge - an adventure for mind, body and soul! Located on a spectacular private beach on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, this fantastic retreat combines exciting mountain bike riding with invigorating and relaxing yoga.

Mendocino Multisport Getaway

4 Days Easy
Let's face it - every now and then we just need to breakaway from our day-to-day and awaken our sense of adventure. What better way to do it than an active weekend of mountain biking, hiking and kayaking in one of the most spectacular coastal towns in North America? With great scenery, easy ...

Ultimate Canadian Adventure

8 Days Easy
Welcome to paradise, eh. The Canadian Rockies are one of the most iconic and revered mountain ranges in the world; its jagged, snowy peaks providing postcard-perfect photos at every turn! It's not surprising that British Columbia has become a mecca for all outdoor enthusiasts, with miles and ...

Kettle Valley Railway Adventure

12 Days Easy
On this jaw-dropping 12-day mountain bike adventure, you'll bear witness to the staggeringly beautiful scenery of interior British Columbia as you journey through the canyons, vineyards, orchards, forests and ghost towns of the iconic Kettle Valley Railway Trail. This unique collection of ...

Rocky Mountain Gateway

4 Days Easy
Need a weekend away to recharge, refocus and reinvigorate? Well, we happen to have just what the doctor prescribed. The combination of hiking and biking in lush, old growth forest and staying at the exquisite Island Lake Lodge (ranked as one of National Geographic's Best Places To Stay several ...

Estrada Real

11 Days Easy
Welcome to Brazil, a magical land of unforgettable beauty. Tropical forests, towering peaks, refreshing waterfalls and endless coastlines vie for your attention in what can only be described as an adventure traveler's wet dream. The Royal Road - or Estrada Real - is an extensive network of ...

Ulimate Southwest

11 Days Advanced - Challenging
There are places on this Earth where you can stand and look out over a spectacular landscape and feel both small and mighty at the same time; you stand in awe of just how freaking beautiful our planet is and maybe get a chill or two down your spine. On this Ride, you'll get that feeling almost ...

Magnificent Mesas

5 Days Advanced - Challenging
That's how people describe the scenery in southwestern Utah. Big, epic sweeping vistas and scenery like nowhere else on the planet, in places like Zion National Park and Gooseberry Mesa. And some of the most jaw-dropping mountain biking anywhere on Earth.

The Best of Moab and Fruita

6 Days Advanced - Challenging
Just the mention of the word is liable to get most mountain bikers drooling. It's the mecca of mountain biking, the most famous two-wheel destination on the planet.  And for good reason: spectacular, out-of-this-world scenery combined with epic trails.

Paradise Island Enduro/DH

8 Days Advanced - Challenging
1500 km off the coast of Portugal, smack in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, lays an island of lush forest, pristine waterfalls, sandy beaches and buff trails. Treat yourself and your freeride bike to the raw beauty and awesome thrills of São Miguel in the Azores. But don’t go spilling the ...

Alpen Thrills

8 Days Advanced - Challenging
We’ll start our Ride in the beautiful valley of Davos with superb Swiss hospitality and amazing lift-accessed singletrack in a region that bursts with outdoor enthusiasm. Next we’ll ride into Flow Country. This trip will bring you massive smiles on the endless stretches of flowy trails in ...

Breathtaking Balkans

8 Days Moderate-Advanced
The word 'Balkan' comes from Turkish, meaning "chain of wooded mountains." Had the ancient Turks ridden mountain bikes, they might have come up with another word for "wooded mountains with killer mountain biking." The Balkan countries of Slovenia and Croatia are just that sort of place, with ...

Inca Adventure Enduro/DH

10 Days Advanced - Challenging
Big, massive, epic downhills - that's the riding on our Inca Adventure. There are few words that can match the grand scale of the mountain biking in the Andes. From the world's-longest-downhill dropping 11,500 feet to the Pacific Ocean, to the Lares trail starting at 14,500 feet, Peru mountain ...

Inca Trail All-Mountain

10 Days Advanced - Challenging
Judging by the massive network of trails and roads they built all over Peru (some 10,000 km by some estimates) at the peak of their empire, modern-day archaelogists could be mistaken for thinking they were. Connecting all the major centres of the empire, the Inca trail network is perfect for ...

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