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Sacred Rides
Contact Number:
International +1 250-984-8901
US/Canada Toll free +1 888-423-7849
720 Bathurst St
Toronto Ontario M5S 2R4
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Sacred Rides

Sacred Rides

Since 1996, Sacred Rides has been guiding Riders from around the world on some of the planet's most amazing singletrack. With local guides leading the way, their Rides showcase not only beautiful trails but also local culture and communities.
Their Tours

Alpen Thrills Enduro

8 Days Mod-Advanced
We’ll start our Ride in the beautiful valley of Davos with superb Swiss hospitality, and amazing lift and train accessed singletrack in a region that bursts with outdoor enthusiasm. Next, we’ll ride into Flow Country, the backyard and hometown of mountain biking legend Hans Rey. Smiles all ...

Breathtaking Balkans

8 Days Mod-Advanced
The Balkan countries of Slovenia and Croatia are just that sort of place, with the Slovenian Alps and Istrian mountains of Croatia providing the spectacular backdrop for this adventure. Forested singletrack meets old-world-charm on this ride through history in one of the most fascinating ...

Cusco to the Amazon

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Unlike the tourist hordes, you'll get acquainted with a side of Peru very few people do on the best modes of transportation to take it all in: by mountain bike and by foot. In addition to the spectacular geography, your local guides won't miss an opportunity to show you the fascinating ...

Inca Trail Bring-Your-Partner Adventure

9 Days Mod-Advanced
Have a partner who doesn't mountain bike? Wish you could bring him/her along on your next mountain bike adventure, and both have an amazing time? Well, we have just the solution for you! This incredible couples' trip features all the spine-tingling singletrack riding Peru has to offer for ...

Inca Adventure - Downhill

9 Days Adv-Challenging
Big, massive, epic downhills - that's the riding on our Inca Adventure. There are few words that can match the grand scale of the mountain biking in the Andes. Descend 50,000 feet on this incredible multi-day downhilling adventure in the Andes. Shred the Lares Trail starting at 14,500 feet ...

Inca Trail All-Mountain

9 Days Mod-Advanced
Were the Incas mountain bikers? Judging by the massive network of trails and roads they built all over Peru (some 10,000 km by some estimates) at the peak of their empire, modern-day archaelogists could be mistaken for thinking they were. On this Ride, we'll explore South America's best ...

Patagonia Pedal and Paddle

9 Days Mod-Advanced
The word Patagonia conjures up images of brave adventurers and remote landscapes in a hidden corner of the world. For centuries the world's bravest have tested themselves in these lands - often with disastrous results. These days, Patagonia still offers up plenty of adventure, but without the ...

Ramble On

9 Days Moderate
SEASIDE BEACHTOWNS. TASTINGS OF THE FINEST LOCAL SAUVIGNON BLANC. HELI-BIKING TO EPIC DESCENTS. UNWINDING IN NATURAL HOT SPRINGS. MORNING COFFEE ON MOUNTAIN TOPS. New Zealand has become known in recent years as one of the top adventure destinations in the world, and with good reason. This ...

Over the Hills and Far Away

8 Days Mod-Advanced

Misty Mountain Hop

12 Days Mod-Advanced
Kia Ora means ‘be well’ in the Maori language. You won’t find it hard to be well in New Zealand, one of the most spellbinding countries on Earth. Experience the raw beauty and sheer variety of New Zealand's landscapes on two knobbly wheels as your expert guides take you on a journey of epic ...

Treasures of the Himalaya

12 Days Adv-Challenging
Draped along the greatest heights of the Himalaya, Nepal is where the cold of the mountains meets the steamy heat of the Indian plains. It's a thoroughly colourful slice of Asia - a land of yaks and yetis, stupas and Sherpas and some of the best mountain biking on earth. Soaring snow-capped ...

Fire and Ice

2 Days Mod-Advanced
IF YOU HAVE A HARD TIME PRONOUNCING WORDS LIKE FJÁRFESTINGARFYRIRTÆKI, THAT’S OK. ICELAND WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS. Welcome to Iceland, a land of plenty in the eyes of the mountain biker. Plenty of hot springs to soak in, plenty of peaks to scale and plenty, plenty of mind-bending ...

Arctic Circle Fatbike

9 Days Easy-Moderate
FEW PLACES IN THE WORLD CAN OFFER UP TRUE ADVENTURE THE WAY GREENLAND DOES. FATBIKE ON THE ARCTIC CIRCLE TRAIL AND YOU'LL DISCOVER ADVENTURE ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. This is adventure, as big as it possibly gets: fatbiking 200km along the remote and spectacular Arctic Circle trail in West ...

La Ruta de Maya

8 Days Mod-Advanced
The ancient Maya believed that the cosmos had three major planes: the Earth, the underworld beneath and the heavens above. On this Ride, you won't do much underworld exploring but you will discover heaven on Earth. Its name is Guatemalan singletrack and the countryside is riddled with ...

Pura Vida Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat

8 Days Moderate
Sun Salutations on a tropical beach. White warm sand nestled between your toes. The crackle of a beachside bonfire off in the distance. A crisp glass of wine awaits you fireside, ready for shared stories of the days epic mountain bike adventure through the quaint villages of the Guanacaste ...

Desert Rose Thrills and Skills weekend

4 Days Mod-Advanced
A MOST SPECTACULAR BACKDROP FOR A MOST AMAZING MOUNTAIN BIKE GETAWAY: SOUTHWESTERN UTAH IS TRULY OUT OF THIS WORLD. From the surreal desert surrounding St. George to the awesome Gooseberry Mesa, southwestern Utah is one of the most spectacular and unique areas on the planet. It also happens ...

The Ultimate Moab Experience

6 Days Adv-Challenging
Moab. Just the mention of the word is liable to get most mountain bikers drooling. It's the mecca of mountain biking, the most famous two-wheel destination on the planet.  And for good reason: spectacular, out-of-this-world scenery combined with epic trails. On this trip, you'll experience ...

Magnificent Mesas

6 Days Mod-Advanced
BIG, EPIC, SWEEPING VISTAS AND SCENERY LIKE NOWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET WITH SOME OF THE MOST JAW-DROPPING MOUNTAIN BIKING ANYWHERE ON EARTH. Not as well-known (or as crowded) as its famous cousin Moab to the East, the St.George and Hurricane area nonetheless offers up epic mountain biking on ...

The Great Lost Coast Adventure

8 Days Mod-Advanced
Get lost and lose yourself on sublime singletrack along Northern California’s most rugged and deserted coastline. Breathe deep and let your cares fall away among the world’s oldest and tallest Redwood trees. Starting in the quirky coastal town of Arcata, let your hair down as we sample some ...

Rocky Mountain Bring-Your-Partner Adventure

8 Days Mod-Advanced
Have a partner who doesn't mountain bike? Wish you could bring him/her along on your mountain bike adventures, and both have a rockin' good time? Well, we've got the solution for you! Our newest Ride features lots of amazing singletrack riding for the mountain bikers (with an itinerary ...

The Ultimate BC Experience

13 Days Mod-Advanced
In the late 1800s, early explorers in interior British Columbia discovered gold in the mountains near Rossland. A gold rush ensued, giving birth to the Dewdney Trail (which brought gold seekers from the U.S.) and a scattering of gold rush towns. You'll find your own gold on our Ultimate BC ...

Rocky Mountain Singletrack

8 Days Mod-Advanced
If mountains were animals, the Rocky Mountains would be a team of wild mustangs: bold, beautiful, and free.  Stand on top of Jumping pound Ridge and you’ll feel the same, your legs and lungs aching from the climb but your spirit soaring over a 100-mile view across the prairies, the jagged peaks ...

Rocky Mountain Rambler

6 Days Mod-Advanced
The Rocky Mountains of Canada are one of the wildest places on Earth, their thousands of square kilometres of wilderness a major corridor for the migration of all kinds of wild animals, from mountain goats to bighorn sheep to grizzly bears. Your inner wild beast will feel right at home here ...

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