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Roma Rent Bike
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via di San Paolo alla Regola 33
Campo de Fiori
Roma 00186
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Roma Rent Bike

Rome, the eternal city, founded by Romulus, brought to glory by the Caesars and enriched by the popes, its squares, its churches and monuments are a heritage for humanity. To preserve its history, we decided to promote sustainable tourism and impact 0, in fact on board of our bikes, you can visit the city even in the limited traffic areas, where the motor vehicles can not be driven. Our thematic tours will ensure a unique experience, in fact our drivers will take you around the city, telling stories, anecdotes and legends about people and places that made Rome unrepeatable.
Their Tours


4 Hours 17 Km
Visit the most important places of the Eternal city: Colosseum, Trevi fountain, Spanish steps and more.
Updated by Roma Rent Bike on 9 Mar 2015

Renaissance Rome

3 Hours 13 Km
A journey to discover the masterpieces of the city, a location in the streets, in churches and places of Rome. A bicycle tour to enjoy your holiday with your family and your friends.
Updated by Roma Rent Bike on 9 Mar 2015

Ancient Rome

3 Hours Easy-Moderate 10 Km
A journey of discovery of the ruins of the ancient city, a gradual path, from the Republic to the Imperial age, in the main sites of ancient Rome. Riding a bicycle you will visit the sightseeing of the city and will learn the events that made Rome great.
Updated by Roma Rent Bike on 9 Mar 2015

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