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Ride or Die
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Tienda Born +34 931 193 654
Tienda Gòtic +34 934 124 286
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Ride or Die

Ride or Die

Do you want to enjoy the city in a different way? Maybe discover its history with the help of a guide? Do you need to calm down your worries? Hence Ride or Die is the right place to book one of Barcelona bike tours! They have several options for different styles: from the street art tour to the tapas route.
Their Tours

Awesome tapas tour

3 Hours
A route that is becoming a classic in the city. You will learn to distinguish between all kind of tapas and where they come from. In a single day, you’ll travel to the tastes of Andalusia and País Vasco. You’ll visit the most famous bars in the city, like Euskal Etxea, Pinocchio, etc. There’s ...

Street art Barcelona Tour

3 Hours
Graffiti is almost an unknown art, marginalized and even persecuted by the authorities. However, it’s constantly evolving in all areas of the city. It’s ephemeral side is a reflection of our times, a form of society claim. Do not loose the opportunity to approach this new art! Most famous ...

Modernist Route

3 Hours
A tour for lovers of Art Nouveau. A delicacy to learn the most outstanding buildings of Gaudí and his contemporaries. Famous names like Lluis Domenech i Montaner, Josep Puig, Enric Sagnier. The Eixample District of Barcelona will open its doors with the help of our guide. Most famous ...

Barcelona Beaches

3 Hours
A trip all along the beautiful beaches of Barcelona. Among the Barcelona bike tours, this one is the most relaxing. Our guide will take you from the Colón to the Fòrum Center. What is more, you’ll go through the more than 6km of coastline. What could be better? Finally, you’ll stop at ...

Barcelona Tour

3 Hours
The most classic among classics Barcelona routes. This is a light and casual tour. Basically you’ll discover the 2000 years of the city. Starting from the earliest, the Gotich, to the modern. Most of all, you’ll admire the most outstading buildings of Gaudí. A route for those who still do not ...

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