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Napoleon Bike Tour - Bautzen to Vilnius
Tour Location
Germany, Lithuania, Poland
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15 days
On Road
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Tour Distance & Dates
1412 Km
20 July 2018
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Ride and Seek Bike Tours
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Napoleon Bike Tour - Bautzen to Vilnius

15 Days Moderate 1412 Km

Leaving Germany’s fantastical land of ice smooth bike paths and mountain forests feels a little like emerging into the twilight zone; particularly at the border crossing. However, once the frontier has become part of our touring history, the beauty of Poland oozes into our cycling cognition as we glide into an almost soporific state amongst the avenues of deciduous giants that line the roads less travelled. Upon reaching ‘Chapman’s Homer’ (Palac Wieclice), to be entertained by the masterful Ziggy and his wonderful palace staff, Germany becomes but a distant memory, as we embark upon a journey into the Polish unknown. The tree-lined avenues along which we ride are not of the fantasy inspiring variety, their charm can be found, however, in the undulating beauty which makes riding these flatland roads about as relaxing as epic bike riding can be (our hardest task is to be the first to spot the mercurial stork nests dotting the horizon). We meander from quaint village to open farm land, guided always by the magnificent arboreal monsters that line our path. Riding conditions that are perfectly suited to chewing up the kms, lead us into the cobble-lined streets of Poznan and Zamek Gniew, where castles and medieval jousting are just part of the scenery. From the flatlands and lakes to our destination (the amazing Gdansk), the first part of stage 2 will leave you in awe of a culture that is very new to us all and one which is suited beautifully to the travelling cyclist.

From the sequestered seaside port of Sopoto – with its seaside forest paths and white sand beaches – to the pelagic magic of the pristine Polish Lakes, the second part of stage 2 is a surf n turf feast of the cordon bleu genre! The ambience found in one of Europe’s imminent seaside towns is a delightful way to spend the stage changeover, before embarking upon the journey into the heart of the former Eastern Bloc and the springboard for Napoleon’s assault on the great Russian Empire. If the senses were not sufficiently piqued by our Gdanskian sojourn, the peninsulars, antiquated ferry’s and medieval castles that follow will undoubtedly unlock the preceptors. Kaunas’ magnificent monastery and the rustic Reszel castle come close to taking out the accommodation acclaim, while the forest paths and stunning lakes systems that abound, provide the perfect balm to the (‘hump stage’s’) mid tour aches and pains!
Double Occupancy / Twin Share
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14 nights accommodation
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