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Ride and Learn in Apulia

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Italian course combined with a cooking class and wine tasting. Visit Alberobello, capital of the Truilli, the Itria Valley, Locorotondo ans Cisternini. Then on to Ostuni, the White City, and Torre Guaceto where the seawater rushes in toward the cliffs with its scrub, dunes and expanses of ...

Italian Language Course by Bicycle

10 Days
An italian language course by bike?! Yes, it is! A unique way to get in touch with land, local culture and people. A proper tour, with a lot of cycling, guided visits, stop on the sea…. And moreover an intensive language course lead by professional teachers. Lessons take place in the shade of ...

Active Gourmet Puglia

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Puglia, The spur and heel of Italy’s boot with its predominant flatness, is an ideal cycling territory. In this food and wine bike tour you will enjoy and learn how to cook regional specialties with a local chef: nothing matches the handmade Orecchiette Dishes are enlivened with seafood, fruity ...

Active Gourmet Tuscany

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Welcome to the bike trip combining fantastic moderate rides and cooking lessons; we add special tasting: olive oil, wine and cheese. Of course is la cucina Toscana – simplicity in its purest form. Tuscany cooks take advantage of the freshest seasonal products and tamper with their natural state ...

Active Gourmet Sardinia

7 Days Moderate
Well landed to the bike tour that brings together the passion for cycling and that for the culinary arts. Taste the best flavors of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, from the choice of the products to the tasting, through the preparation. You will taste the refined Sardinian olive oil and ...

Cycling through Medieval Towns and Roman Ruins

7 Days Moderate 190 MLS
Sardinia is not just a beach paradise, but a cyclist’s dream as well. It’s scantily populated with breathtaking views all around! You are free to discover the open roads: less residents equals less cars –roads free from traffic await you! You will spend a week biking all around rugged ...

Discovering Sardinia in Wild Landscapes & Nuraghi

7 Days Moderate 170 MLSAVG 34 MLS
An ancient land with an ancient language, Sardinia is a uniquely fascinating place, its coastline is probably Europe’s most spectacular, its waters teem with fish and shellfish. Its rugged mountains, pocked with caves, are home to large flocks of sheep that feed on pungent wild herbs and produce ...

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