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The only chain that gives me freedom is that of my bicycle

After thousands of miles guiding for a big corporate tourism company, Britten Ferguson wanted to do things a different way. A more thoughtful and inspired way.

He has been exploring Latin America for the last 5 years with little more than a backpack and his bike and he's in love with the idea of using the bicycle as a tool for traveling. For exploring. For meeting new people. Along the way, he has encountered some kindred spirits who have a similar attitude and feels so lucky to get to collaborate with them.

That’s why Britten started Revolución – to share that passion with other curious, adventurous travelers.
Their Tours

Nicaragua Coast-to-Coast

11 Days Mod-Advanced 210 MLSAVG 30 MLS
This trip is designed for those looking to get away from the busy roads and see Nicaragua from its core: quiet dirt roads that wind through the countryside and tiny village farms. Cross the entire country, starting at the Pacific Ocean and finishing on the creole Caribbean side. Mountains ...


11 Days Mod-Advanced 315 MLSAVG 35 MLS
Live music on every street corner, famously empty roads, and a culture that doesn’t sit still. Ride along stunning beaches and into the mountains of the revolution itself. Seeing Cuba any other way is simply not seeing Cuba. Although there aren’t any massive mountains in Cuba, we do ride ...


11 Days Adv-Challenging 320 MLSAVG 40 MLS
Nowhere in Latin America is cycling such a respected and adored sport, especially in the classic towns of the mountainous coffee region we ride through. Crafted to showcase Colombia’s legendary diversity and introduce you to its wonderful people, this road cycling trip is much more than a ...

Costa Rica

9 Days Moderate 245 MLSAVG 35 MLS
A country that abolished its military. Where nearly 30% of its land is protected. Where you can go from some of the tallest peaks in Central America, down through dense rainforest, and reach stunning beaches in one day. We’ve put the best of Costa Rica on display and experiencing it all on a ...

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