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Rainbow Scuba & Tours
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Rainbow Scuba & Tours

Rainbow Scuba & Tours

Rainbow-Scuba & Tour is the love child of Adam Preston. Born and raised in London, England, Adam spent many years dreaming of an escape from office life, the northern European weather and the overcrowded big city.

In 2002 he took a career break from his job in Information Technology and went to Thailand to start professional scuba diving training. Adam spent the next two years gaining experience as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor as well as exploring the mountains and forests of Koh Samui and the nearby mainland provinces.

Adam led as much of an active outdoor lifestyle as he could in the UK and was surprised to see so little available for the lesbian and gay community in Thailand. In most western nations there are gay clubs for skiing, walking, running, swimming, stamp collecting, football: almost any sport or hobby you can imagine.

In 2004 Rainbow-Scuba & Tours was formed and in 2005 the first scuba diving live-aboard trip was held to Phi Phi Islands on the Andaman Sea. Since then there has been 17 live-aboards to as far away places as Micronesia, Maldives and coming up in 2015: Central America.
Their Tours

Samui Gay Cycle Tour

1 Days
Do you enjoy being out in nature and want to see the natural tropical beauty of the island? Do you want to see the peaceful village life and traditional ways of the local people? Then exploring Samui by cycle is the best option. Our tours will take you through coconut groves and farm land to ...

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