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Polka Dot Tour
Contact Number:
Mobile/cell +61 4 1705 2589
Mobile/Cell +61 4 1733 5366
PO Box 639
North Melbourne VIC 3051
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Polka Dot Tour

Every adventure needs a goal. On the Polka Dot Tour we aim to sample all the best things about travelling in France while taking on a legendary ride every day.

The itineraries have lots of flexibility so you can choose how much to take on each day, there's plenty of time to sample the delights of bakeries, cafés, restaurants and savour local ambiance.And there's more than pedalling up-hill; the downhills are a blast. Tours start and finish in cities with airports and fast train connections so you can focus on your riding holiday. Every day the scenery is spectacular. On and off the bike, cycling guides look after you and your bicycle.

The Polka Dot Tour–PDT–Classic, Coast to Coast, and Best of the Best tours help you ride the famous roads and climbs and are organised so your rides are not delayed by race road closures.

The Polka Dot Tour TdF starts and finishes in Paris and sees the Tour de France most days at mountain tops, arrivée, departs, sprints and more.

Knock your spots off on the Polka Dot Tour.
Their Tours

Best of the Best

6 Days Easy-Moderate
This tour is designed with non-riding options in mind. It is possible to ride in the early morning then enjoy non-cycling tour options like visits to wineries, rural markets, lavender farms, and scenic village; or simply savour the wonderful hotels. With short and long riding options each day ...

Coast to Coast

9 Days Adv-Challenging
Cycling across France from Atlantic coast in the west to the Mediterranian in the east through the Pyrenees is the kind of experience that cements itself in your memory for life. Riding hotel to hotel, as we do on this tour, is liberating. No schedule, just ride as fast or touristically as you ...

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