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Peru Cycling Tours
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Peru Cycling Tours

Peru Cycling's mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel across Peru by bicycle for touring, fun, adventure, exploring, fitness, and self-discovery.

We research, develop, create and map bike routes through quiet, beautiful scenic roads and bike trails to enjoy the wonders of our country and for our Routes and Destinations Network, and then produce the bicycling maps and the best cycling database in Peru.

We lead and organize bike tours, following the criteria that best suits people’s taste: small groups, individuals, custom tailored bike trips, for the regular cycling lovers, for adventure enthusiasts and for the ones interested in serious exploring and discovery.
Their Tours

Butterfly River Expedition

13 Days Mod-Advanced
There is only one unique first time for some things in life. The Butterfly River Expedition was the name we put to the explore and discovery expedition we did in November 2010, and it was that, the first time we had ever been there, a unique and wonderful place somewhere deep away in Cusco, Peru ...
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10 Days
Cusco - Machu Picchu; Puno - Lago Titikaka. These are the highlights of Peru. On this tour visit the capital city of the Inka Empire and follow biking and hiking the Inka Jungle Trail to reach the Wonder Of The World: Machu Picchu; on the way live exciting experiences on the ZipLine in Santa ...
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2 Days Mod-Advanced
Cycling adventure starts in Cañete and follows along the rural road going gently uphill on the left side of the valley, passing through the crop fields and the villages named: Herbay, San Juan, Espíritu santo palo, Isla alta, San Carlos, Concon, Ramadilla, La toma and Socsi. The road condition ...
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12 Hours Mod-Advanced
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Peru Cycling Safari

22 Days Mod-Advanced
The most exciting adventure traveling through Peru on bikes with support vehicle to visit the highlights of the country and most interesting sites: Ballestas islands; the enigmatic Nazca Lines; Toro Muerto the most extensive petroglyphs deposit on earth; the spectacular Condor's flight seen from ...
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Peru Cycling Safari

15 Days Mod-Advanced
The excitement of living a real adventure traveling on bikes and with support vehicle through the trails of Peru is amazing. Let's travel to the most interesting destinations in the country and new routes offering experiences to be discovered. The journey starts visiting colonial Lima the ...
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Qhapaq Ñan

Otherwise know as the Main Andean Trail, was the backbone of the Inca Empire’s political and economic power. The whole network of trails over 23,000 km in length connected various production, administrative and ceremonial centres constructed over more than 2,000 years of pre-Inca Andean culture ...
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22 Days Mod-Advanced
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