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Perth Bike Tours
Contact Number:
+1 (0)420 533 283
Level 14
197 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA
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Perth Bike Tours

Half and full day escorted bicycle tours through the most beautiful places in Perth.
Their Tours

Perth to Guildford along the river

3 Hours
We start with a BBQ breakfast in the park at Burswood before our riverside ride all the way along the banks of the Swan River to Guildford. Our guide will take you down some tracks that very few locals know about, where the birdlife and scenery are superb. We’ll finish with a short tour of ...

Perth City

3 Hours Easy
We ride through Burswood Park and its many statues and monuments and then into the city viewing parks, historic buildings, sports and entertainment stadiums, churches & cathedrals, the Perth Mint, a museum for Fire Engines, the Bell Tower and more. We ride through many back streets and see more ...

Swan Valley chocolate & wine tasting

3 Hours Easy
We ride around the historic market town of Guildford and then deep into the Swan Valley. We visit the Chocolate factory, but for those who like savoury, there is a delicious relish and sauce tasting venue right next door. There’s wine, and chocolate liqueur tasting as well. We then ride past, of ...

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