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Peregrine Adventures
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+61 1300 791 485
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380 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
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Peregrine Adventures

Peregrine Adventures

Peregrine's first steps in the world were taken in the foothills of Nepal in 1977

Our name stems from the word 'Peregrinate’, meaning to migrate, walk or take a pilgrimage – very fitting for our beginnings as a trekking company. Since our inception, we've broadened our horizons and now offer small group journeys in over 80 countries across all seven continents, which can be enjoyed by anyone with an enquiring mind who enjoys getting off the beaten track (without forgoing some of the comforts of home).

We are a company built by travellers for travellers. Take a walk around our offices and you’ll see the empty desks of people out on trips, or hear people swapping stories about a place they have just visited. Land at your destination and discover your tour leader is local to the region.

Wherever you travel with us we’ll take you to the major highlights as well as along the route less taken. This gets you closer to the local people and the culture you came to discover. We promise to share our knowledge and expertise with you, and ensure you will come home with stories you will tell for years to come.
Their Tours

Cycle Vietnam

16 Days
Cycling through a country is a great way to connect with the land. Pedal from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, along back roads, central highlands and along the northern coastline. Stretch your legs at the end of each day in our carefully chosen accommodation, designed to give you a great night's ...

Cuba Cycling

15 Days
Soaring mountains and rolling hills cover a third of this great country, and the rest is populated by colonial urban areas, rural landscapes, beaches and lowland plains. At 1200 kilometres long and (on average) 100km wide this is the perfect place to embrace some pedal power.

Cycling through Provence

7 Days
Pedal your way through the spectacular vineyards and perched villages of Provence. Take every opportunity to taste the regional delights along the way as you cycle at a leisurely pace on your very own Tour de France

Cycling the Loire Valley

6 Days
Castle-hop your way through the lush Loire Valley on board two wheels. Pedal at a relaxed pace along flat terrain while the toughest decision you’ll have to make all day is which wine to have with your cheese plate before dinner!

Thailand Unearthed

10 Days Adv-Challenging
Native to the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, the H’mong people boast a wealth of culture and art. Their clothes, which they weave and embroider by hand, are cobbled together using indigo plants, cotton and hemp. In H’mong cultures, everyone from children to the elderly ...

Secrets of Sri Lanka

12 Days
Walk through Colombo and you’ll hear the distinct "chop chop" sound of streetside chefs preparing kottu, an iconic Sri Lankan dish. A mixture of shredded roti, vegetables, egg and cheese are pulverized on a flat stovetop using two metal blades. As they chop, the chefs create a unique musical ...

Treasures of Sri Lanka

15 Days Mod-Advanced
Sri Maha Bodhi, a cutting from the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, is the oldest recorded tree in the world. For the past 2250 years, monks have faithfully chronicled the tree; first on dried banana leaves, then books and now on the Internet at its own website. Sri Lanka ...

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