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People on Bikes
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1125 Springhill Drive
Mississauga Ontario L5H 1N2
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People on Bikes

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A Taste of Italy

10 Days
Few cities offer the combination history and modern excitement as does Milan. Like Bologna, a city often overlooked in the eyes of tourists, Milan has everything Italy has to offer – a fabulous Duomo, a variety of museums and a rich nightlife. We have two days (your arrival day and a second ...

Niagara Wine Country

3 Days
Using Niagara-on-the-Lake, one of the most picturesque towns in Ontario as the base, People On Bikes will take you on a tour of Niagara Wine Country, the Niagara Peninsula, and the Niagara Falls area. As a rider, this area presents a series of scenic towns, river valleys and gorges, and ...

Prince Edward County

3 Days
How best to describe Price Edward County… Let’s start with rural. Then we can focus on local. We must include natural. And, of course, delicious. Do we have your attention yet? In 2012, People On Bikes will host two weekend and long weekend escapes to beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. Our ...

Ride Around Lake Ontario

7 Days
Are you up for a challenge? In 2012, People On Bikes is pleased to introduce this road cycling adventure. Over 7 days, we will travel all 1050+ KM (660+ Miles) around this great lake. As a group, we will ride clockwise along the north shore in Canada, cross over on the St. Lawrence River, then ...

Vienna to Prague

10 Days Easy-Moderate
One of the most popular tours available! Great for groups, families, and casual riders of all levels. Beautiful valleys, rolling hills, historic town squares, and the splendor of Vienna and Prague at each end of the journey. People On Bikes is presenting a 10 Day / 9 Night program that starts in ...

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