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Pedalers Pub and Grille
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US/Canada Toll free +1 877 998 0008
PO Box 357063
Gainesville Florida 32635
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Pedalers Pub and Grille

Pedalers Pub & Grille is not a restaurant . . .

But we do enjoy great food! Pedalers Pub & Grille is an innovative bike tour operator offering award winning bicycle trips in Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Alaska, Hawaii and the Yukon that are designed for cycling enthusiasts and active travelers alike. We offer unique journeys with longer rides that will satisfy your urge to pedal, while still leaving ample time to explore off the bike. Our company offers you reasonable prices with first class service. Plus thoughtfully chosen routes and boutique lodges with an eye towards experiencing the area's sights, sounds, flavors and lifestyle first hand.

Pedalers is Asia's most seasoned cycling holiday operator. Team members having been organizing and leading bike tours since the mid-1980s in Asia. Often copied, but rarely equaled, Pedalers Pub & Grille opens doors to unique lands and exotic cultures. Discover our collection of bicycle tours and multisport adventures in Thailand, Alaska, Bhutan, Bali, Hawaii, Cambodia, Laos, Yukon, Nepal, Vietnam and Tibet. We offer exceptional cycling tours that will leave you with fond memories and a lasting impression.
Their Tours

Madagascar The Ride

16 Days Mod-Advanced 590 KmAVG 59 Km
Arrive in Antananarivo, enjoy walking tour, cycle to UNESCO Heritage Sites: Ambohimanga and ancient Rova.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Hawai'i - Island Dreams

8 Days Moderate 367 KmAVG 61 Km
most everyone's to do list, deep blue waters, lush green tropical forests, bright orange lava erupting from the ground, colorful sunrises over jagged peaks and fresh pink Ahi Tuna laid out on crisp salad greens. Pedalers brings this paradise to you from the seat of a bicycle, rolling through the ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Klondike Gold

12 Days Mod-Advanced 746 KmAVG 93 Km
Back in the 1890s gold was discovered at Bonanza Creek in the Yukon Territory and the rush was on. Thousands of prospectors came to the seaport of Skagway to set out on the arduous journey over Chilkoot Pass, then by trail, wagon and riverboat to the gold fields around Dawson City. Later on ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Alaska Yukon Adventure

16 Days Mod-Advanced 1119 KmAVG 93 Km
Depart Juneau by ferry through Inside Passage, explore Haines waterfront, enjoy dinner by the docks.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014


13 Days Mod-Advanced 1056 KmAVG 117 Km
Join us for a journey through the best of Alaska . . . You will enjoy Denali's majestic wonders, the wildlife of Prince William Sound, quiet towns and scenic highways. Its a fabulous cycling extension to our trip: The Great Alaska Highway Ride or a challenging bicycle tour on its own.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Beyond Kathmandu

11 Days Mod-Advanced 390 KmAVG 65 Km
Our ride through this Himalayan kingdom starts in fabled Kathmandu, where narrow streets preclude auto traffic is some areas and elephants still stroll downtown. After exploring some of the historic districts, we escape to the mountains of Daman Pass, where we bed down early to catch sunrise ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

The Road to Everest

16 Days Adv-Challenging 757 KmAVG 63 Km
This is the journey you've dreamt about your entire life - a chance to experience the remarkable, ancient cultures of Tibet surrounded by a landscape that defies description. On The Road to Everest you'll begin in Lhasa exploring the historic temples, pilgrimage trails and hot springs concealed ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Bike Across Bhutan

16 Days Mod-Advanced 788 KmAVG 65 Km
Meet guides in Guwahati, India, shuttle to Bhutan.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Kingdom of Bhutan

12 Days Mod-Advanced 601 KmAVG 75 Km
Shangri-la, a land of secluded valleys and peaceful villages, hidden by towering snow capped mountains, ruled by a wise king and untouched by the outside world for centuries. Hollywood has presented this fantasy to us many a time, but this fabled land really does exist outside the world of ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Discover Bhutan

8 Days Moderate 177 KmAVG 35 Km
Discover the ancient kingdom of Bhutan by many modes. Mix a bit of scenic alpine cycling ... a dash of cultural hiking ... a splash of thrilling whitewater rafting and you have our Multisport Adventure - Discover Bhutan. This unique country, thought to be the inspiration for Shangri-la, has ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Hilltribes of the North

13 Days Mod-Advanced 680 KmAVG 75 Km
Arrive Hanoi, explore the city, Ngoc Son Pagoda, Hoan Kiem Lake, night train to Lao Cai.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Viet Nam Highlights

14 Days Moderate 402 KmAVG 36 Km
Vietnam is a country filled with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. Its highlands continue to yield new species and team with exotic wildlife. Its islands and beaches are among the finest in all of Southeast Asia, and its cuisine is excellent. Our new Highlights Multisport ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Angkor Wat

5 Days Easy 204 KmAVG 68 Km
Discover the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat by bike. Explore the floating cities of Tonle Sap Lake. This 4 day trip introduces travelers to the unique wonders of Cambodia's central region.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Hidden North

9 Days Moderate 279 KmAVG 55 Km
The northern reaches of Laos are well off the beaten path, a region that sees very few tourists. But it is a land of beauty, culture and history that fascinates those that do find their way to explore it's realms. Pedalers offers cyclists a chance to get off the beaten path and come discover the ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Luang Prabang

5 Days Easy 100 KmAVG 33 Km
Luang Prabang is perhaps the best-preserved colonial city in Southeast Asia. The tranquility and charm of this town with its splendid natural scenery and cultural sights make it one of the most delightful places to visit in Laos.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Historic Heartland

13 Days Moderate 548 KmAVG 54 Km
Arrive in Mandalay, explore Mandalay Hill, visit the local market, enjoy traditional puppet show.
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Bali Paradise Ride

7 Days Easy 392 KmAVG 78 Km
A unique bike tour through the spectacular scenery of Bali. Pedal past emerald rice paddies climbing up the hillsides and ancient temples tucked under towering palm trees, cycle around volcanic lakes and along black sand beaches. Explore historic Ubud by bicycle and discover the traditional ways ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Ancient Kingdoms Ride

14 Days Moderate 703 Km
The ancient kingdom of Thailand is a land of many discoveries ..... historic colorful temples .... spicy cuisine .... exotic cultures .... lush jungles ..... and more smiles per mile than anywhere you may travel. Our Thailand bike tour through this magical country highlights it all. We meet in ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Ride the Andaman

7 Days Easy 304 KmAVG 60 Km
Thailand's Andaman Coast features more variety of environments than most other coastal regions of the world. From dense mangroves forests to the incredibly bizarre karst limestone islands to picturesque beaches. For several years now guests have enjoyed this region on our Multi Sport (biking ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Thailand Land & Sea

10 Days Moderate 304 KmAVG 60 Km
Thailand's Andaman Coast features more variety of environments than most other coastal regions of the world. From dense mangroves forests to the incredibly bizarre karst limestone islands to picturesque beaches. Mix this diverse scenery with the infectious smiles of the Thais, a tasty selection ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

Northern Highlights

7 Days Easy 304 KmAVG 60 Km
Chiang Mai, the ancient kingdom of King Mengrai dating back 700 years, is well known to tourists around the world but its surroundings are often missed by visitors to Thailand. We invite you to explore Chiang Mai and it surroundings in depth on our Northern Highlights bike tour. Discover ethnic ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Mar 2014

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