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Pedal Provo Ghost Tours
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+1 385-312-0456

Provo Utah
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Pedal Provo Ghost Tours

Pedal Provo Ghost Tours

Come on a one of a kind adventure around Provo where we ride bikes to various haunted locations around the city. At each location, your tour guide will tell you a story that actually happened at that spot. You get to learn more about an old city and are sure to be a little frightened in the process.

From the easily scared to the hardened ghost hunter, this is a great activity for anyone and makes for a fun, unique date night!
Their Tours

The River Trail Edition

1 Days
We are very excited to be starting this new route for 2017. With completely different ghost stories than the Cemetery & City Edition, it is worth going on both tours. We start at Exchange Park in Provo and ride on the Provo River Trail which is as spooky as it gets. We will still be riding our ...
Updated by CTG on 30 Mar 2017

Cemetery & City Edition

1 Days
Where it all started. This was our first ghost tour and this year it is getting an update with a few new ghost stories. So even if you’ve been before it is worth going again. We meet on the west side of the Provo Cemetery and take a journey through the eerie side of Provo.
Updated by CTG on 30 Mar 2017

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