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Passionbike Valencia
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+34 963 919 337
Calle Puerto Rico 22
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Passionbike Valencia

Passionbike Valencia

PassionBike was born from the idea of making a dream come true. This was a dream that had been growing in our hearts, our minds and especially our legs, for many years.

The idea of our deeply rooted passion also becoming our work seemed like an excellent one for beginning and believing in this project.

Our staff is made up of tireless cyclist, who over the years, have dedicated more and more time to doing cyclist routes all over Europe. With experience and professionalism, we set ourselves the goal of proposing possible routes to both the experienced cyclist and to the most worldly wise adventurer.

We speak English, French, Spanish and of course our mother-tongue Italian.

We have two rent-boutiques in Valencia, in the historical heart of the city. The first one is located close to the Serranos Tower, in Calle Serranos 16, the second shop is in front of the Central Market, in Calle d’Ercilla 21.

We rent bicycles and we do daily bike-tours around the city. The main part of our project is creating bike adventures around Spain. We offer both guided and independent tours, and according to customer needs it`s possible to customize tours.

Our mission is to promote the importance of being environmentally-friendly and respectful of the world in which we live.
Their Tours

Valencia Bike Night Tour

2 Hours Easy 20 Km Deal
"La luna de Valencia" (the Valencian moon) is such a beautiful thing to see when the sky is clear! Fortunately the weather in Valencia is always great. In summer is hot and sunny everyday and Valencian winter is mild and nice too. Despite that, the moon is not always visible in the city center ...

Valencia City Circuit

3 Hours Easy 25 Km Deal
Valencia is an amazing city for riding. It has 100km of bike lanes that connect the city centre to the outer part. The weather is always great in summer and mild in winter. Bike tours are ideal for exploring the city in a fast and fun way. With our tour you have to possibility to explore the ...

National Park Albufera Bike Tour

5 Hours 50 Km
The National Park Albufera is reachable by bike. Our tour leaves from one of our shops in the city centre and stops at the Turia Gardens, at the city of Arts and Science and in Albufera. It's a easy and smooth ride to enjoy the city center and the outer part. During this tour you have the ...

Beer Bike Tour

3 Hours
Nothing better than a fresh beers during a bike tour. Valencia gets really hot in summer and its winters are mild and sunny...that means it's always time for a fresh and tasty beer, especially if artesanal. Our tour leaves from the shop in Calle Serranos (next to Torres Serranos), in the heart ...

Valencia Bike Hire

1 Hours
Welcome to Valencia, and welcome to the firsts and unique “BOUTIQUE” of rent- a bike, where you can find high quality on material, 100% Made in Italy: BIANCHI. We have more than 150 bicycles, fitted for one-day bike tour, but also for bikeadventures around Spain. With over of 100 km of ...

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