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Pamir Central Asia
Contact Number:
+996 553459393
+996 706996654
Murghab 70 Soolagi Murgob
Murghab GBAO 736600
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Pamir Central Asia

Pamir Central Asia

Pamir Central Asia is a new company which has been set up by the founder of META, the Murghab Eco-Tourism Association.

Pamir Central Asia focuses on commercial activities maximizing the benefits for the local population by developing tourism products and linkages with other tourism organizations, as well as exploring business potential related to the sustainable management of natural resources.
Their Tours

Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan Cycling tour Along The Pamir Highway

19 Days Easy-Moderate 945 KmAVG 63 Km
Tajikistan cycling tour Along The Pamir Highway trip is an epic, high altitude cycle ride through spectacular remote mountains in two of the least visited countries in the world. At the cutting edge of adventure cycling, this journey offers a fascinating insight into ex-Soviet Central Asia ...

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