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Painted Roads

Painted Roads

PaintedRoads was created as a result of one man's passion and enthusiasm for travelling Asia on his bicycle. With the realisation that his adventure cycling experiences were simply too good to keep to himself, David began indulging his passions for bicycle adventure, photography, and writing by creating cycling tours in the part of the world he knows best. Having explored and documented several tours the time inevitably came to share his discoveries. Subsequently David, along with the girl who was to become his wife, retreated to a little cottage in the hills between Thailand and Burma where, with the valuable assistance of web developer and fellow adventure cyclist Mike, created Painted Roads.

With much experience gained from operating as a tour guide for other cycling holiday providers David knew that PaintedRoads would be different, better. That was five years ago, and since that time PaintedRoads has become known for its intimate, relaxed cycling holidays a world away from the offerings of large commercial operators. They're very different to those large bicycle tour operators you may have seen, rather than trying to offer a staggering portfolio of destinations with a reliance on contract staff they prefer to concentrate on the countries they really love, and of which they have an in-depth knowledge. That way they can ensure the best personal service and a truly special cycling adventure.
Their Tours

China - Yunnan

12 Days Moderate-Advanced 560 KmAVG 70 Km Deal
From the Tibetan town of Shangri-La, across a 3700 metre pass, through one of the world's deepest gorges to an unspoilt town from the ancient tea trading route. Onwards across a mountain range leading to one of China's biggest fresh water lakes. And hence to the capital of the Bai minority ...
SPECIAL:Book four months or more in advance to receive a £100 discount.
Updated by Painted Roads on 5 Oct 2017


13 Days Moderate 460 KmAVG 51 Km Deal
An adventure cycling tour on unsealed roads and tracks. Join us as we ride though a wilderness that changes at a surprising rate from desert and barren hills to green valleys and pastures. Mongolia is a truly special place to explore by bicycle, and our fully supported cycling holiday is the ...
SPECIAL:Book your tour and make a deposit payment 4 or months in advance to save £145.
Updated by Painted Roads on 5 Oct 2017

China South

15 Days Moderate-Advanced 720 KmAVG 60 Km
The China of Guizhou and Guanxi is a China of distinct minority groups, each with it's own language and architecture. It is also a China of hillside rice terraces, bamboo forests, tea plantations and pine forests - karst spires, orange orchards, vin yards and pomelo orchards, dramatic wind and ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 22 Jun 2017

China: Sichuan

16 Days
A two week fully supported tour through the mountains of the Tibetan Kham region of Sichuan Province. We experience long climbs and descents of up to 45KMS in duration, ride past yak pastures, Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan villages. The roads are generally quiet to empty and surfaces vary ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 22 Jun 2017

Vietnam - Northeast

14 Days Moderate-Advanced 630 KmAVG 70 Km
Tiers of rice terraces fading seemingly to infinity as they drop away through a vast valley, karst pinnacles like those from a Chinese water painting, minority people whose way of life and dress is little touched by the outside influences of the global village most of us inhabit; North East ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 26 Jan 2017

Thailand North

12 Days Moderate 630 KmAVG 70 Km
Mountains high and valleys wide, steep climbs and sweeping descents - perfect sealed roads, gravel tracks, red clay rural trails and deserted byways - a modern city, small riverside villages, mountain communities of hill tribe folk and a Chinese hill town. With all of this set amidst vast ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

Mekong Delta Region

13 Days Moderate 680 KmAVG 75 Km
This is a fascinating ride through the labyrinthine network of waterways and accompanying tracks, trails, and paths that cover an area from Cambodia to the South China Sea, offering fine relaxed cycling and an insight into lives not normally seen. When we set out to explore the Mekong Delta ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

Tri Nations: Vietnam, Lao, Thailand

16 Days Moderate-Advanced 1040 KmAVG 94 Km
Three neighbouring nations, three written scripts, two and a half languages, two political systems, one major religion. Not only is this tour a cycling odyssey through fascinating regions along a path less trodden, it is a journey of discovery through three lands that for all the world should ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

Sri Lanka

12 Days Moderate 765 KmAVG 85 Km
A wonderful bicycle journey from the tranquil fishing communities of Sri Lanka’s west coast, through the ancient architecture of the North Central region and onwards, via the stunningly beautiful central hill country to the beaches and the wonderful Galle Fort on the south coast. Join us to ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017


11 Days Moderate
Many years ago whilst cycling alone across China I wondered what China would have been like had the civil war gone the other way and communism had never taken over. I rode and pondered, and then I realised - Taiwan - it is after all to where the Kuomintang fled when they felt they may be less ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

Central Vietnam - The Ho Chi Minh Trail

14 Days Moderate-Advanced 970 KmAVG 97 Km
Extending south of Hanoi is the Annamite Mountain Range, known in Vietnamese as Truong Son. During the Vietnam War a series of supply routes through the dense jungle of these mountains were used to move troops and supplies to support the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong in their war ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

Coastal Southern Thailand

14 Days Moderate 600 KmAVG 60 Km
If you are looking to see the Thailand your friends visit on holiday, if you want the same experience as 99% of Westerners in Thailand, then this cycling holiday is absolutely not for you. If however you are looking to see a Thailand that is still the land of smiles, where Thai people are ...
Updated by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

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