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Pacific Cycle Tours
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New Zealand

Pacific Cycle Tours

Welcome to Pacific Cycle Tours where we’ve offered bicycle tours, hiking experiences and cycling tours of New Zealand for more than two decades.Led by supremely knowledgeable and experienced professional guides, Cycling Tours of New Zealand and Cycling NZ tours will introduce you to people, places, and flavours that even many locals have never discovered!
Their Tours

Banks Peninsula Escape

2 Days Moderate
Christchurch, also known as the ‘Garden City of New Zealand’ has much to offer. We invite you on our ‘Two day Escape’ for a glimpse at what lies beyond. Enjoy wonderful views of the sea and Banks Peninsula, as you cycle over the Port Hills to the hidden gem of Taunton Gardens in Governors Bay ...
Updated by CTG on 23 Feb 2016

Wine Trail Magic Cycling & Wine Tasting Tour

5 Days Moderate-Advanced
Marlborough is renowned as one of the world’s top 10 wine regions. What better way to experience the dramatic transformation of the fruit of the vine into a bottle of wine than on a Wine Trail tour by bicycle. On our leisurely cycling journey of just 20-30km per day, each day’s end sees your ...
Updated by CTG on 23 Feb 2016

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