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Outfitter Bicycle Tours
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Outfitter Bicycle Tours

We are a family company. Outfitter Bicycle Tours was founded in 1996 by Dick and Marilyn Powell as an extension of their former bike shop The Bicycle Outfitter in Los Altos, California. It was an expression of their passion for cycling, travel, and exploration. We, Jamie & Joy Gilpin, have continued that passion and look to expand the legacy in the years to come.
Their Tours

Dordogne and Vezere Aggressive

8 Days 278 KmAVG 46 Km
Our 7-night Dordogne bicycle tour explores not only the two river valleys—the Vezere and the Dordogne, with their prehistoric sites and cliffside dwellings—it spends a day in the Lot region, where you will visit the Rocamadour a famous stop along the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. ...

Dordogne and Vezere Relaxed

7 Days 121 KmAVG 30 Km
The stunning Dordogne region is a well-kept secret among the French. Wonderful cycling roads, beautiful countryside and 40,000 years of history to explore make it the perfect arena for an unforgettable cycling vacation. Our Dordogne trips explore two river valleys—the Vezere, with numerous ...

Asheville Craft Beer Tour

There are many phenomena associated with cycling – leg shaving, weird suntan lines, saddle-area discomfort, among other things. But there is one activity that bonds all of cycling regardless of how or what you ride – DRINKING BEER. And not just any beer, but beer with character – whatever ...

A Taste of Provence

7 Days 270 KmAVG 45 Km
Looking for a guided group tour that will allow you to relax and enjoy all the best food, riding, and sites of Provence? Want to pedal through blooming lavender and have the option of challenging yourself on some hills or take it easy on the flats? If so, you’ve found the right place. This tour ...

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