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Oka Tours
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+81 422 26 6644
2-24-5 Kichijojihigashi-cho
Tokyo 180-0002
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Oka Tours

We offer deluxe cycling trips in Japan mainly for non-Japanese guests visiting or living in Japan. Traveling by bicycle is an ideal way to explore Japan and enjoy its beautiful nature, delicious foods, natural hot spring baths and cultural heritages. If you are looking for a genuine and unforgettable vacation experience, you will most likely find it with us.
Their Tours


3 Days Advanced - Challenging
This tour is ideal if you are looking for a short getaway from Tokyo to enjoy some of the most beautiful natural sceneries in Japan. Mt. Fuji, rising above the clouds, is the symbol of Japan and has provided a spiritual basis for the Japanese since ancient times. There are five lakes along the ...


8 Days Easy
Bound by the major islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai) is the largest inland sea in Japan. With its calm sea surface and mild climate, the Sea and its surrounding areas have prospered as an important shipping lane since ancient times, and are full of sites of ...


5 Days Advanced - Challenging
Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. With its vast land space and relatively cool and dry weather during summer, Hokkaido is an ideal playground for cyclists. On this 5 days 4 nights trip, we explore the southwestern part of Hokkaido around Niseko and the surrounding areas. A majority ...


8 Days Moderate
Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. With its vast land space and relatively cool and dry weather during summer, Hokkaido is an ideal playground for cyclists. On this 8 days 7 nights trip, we explore the eastern parts of Hokkaido, which is considered to be some of the most beautiful ...


9 Days Easy
This tour is perfect if you are interested in Japan’s traditional culture and enjoy relaxed bicycle rides. We explore Japan’s ancient capitals, Nara and Kyoto, and their surrounding areas which are considered to be the best repositories of Japan’s cultural legacy. We ride leisurely, making stops ...


9 Days Moderate
This tour offers an excellent blend of cultural and historic attractions, and natural beauty. We spend the first half of the tour in the Noto Peninsula, which juts out into the Sea of Japan offering wild and picturesque scenery. En route we visit Wajima, a world famous center of traditional ...


7 Days Advanced - Challenging
A Japanese proverb says, "Never say Kekko (meaning I am satisfied), until you've seen Nikko". Our ride starts in Nikko, a center of Shinto and Buddhist mountain worship for many centuries and the seat of Toshogu shrine, an UNESCO’s world cultural heritage site. We then explore its surrounding ...


7 Days Moderate
Sado Island, located in the Sea of Japan, is a perfect destination to discover the unspoiled beauty of Japan. Despite its remote location, Sado Island is a treasure house of culture as it was an island of exile for intellectuals in the medieval times. You will ride along coasts and through ...

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