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Moscow Bike Tours
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Moscow Bike Tours

They are from Moscow and love to cycle Moscow, they do it daily whether they have tours or not, and they are happy to share their passion with you and show you how beautiful and magical their city can be.

All their guides are involved in Moscow Bike Tours as partners and friends and aren't working for a fixed salary. So you will never get "I'm just doing it for money" attitude on the tour.

You will not find yourself in the frustrating situation of being late for an attraction or not finding it at all.

They will provide you with exciting and interesting guided information about Moscow history, architecture and culture in English and Spanish languages.

All their bike routes are designed and mastered to avoid traffic, bad roads and assure safety and 100% fun.

They will show you the best locations to take the most memorable photos of Moscow.

You will have an opportunity to customize your tour according to your preferences and cycling abilities.

So, the best choice is by bicycle and with Moscow Bike Tours!
Their Tours

Grand Moscow Bike Tour

5.5 Hours
During this all-in-one grand bike tour we ride through major architectural wonders, historical sights and parks of Moscow, having a closer look at most of them in five and half hours. The bike route will take you through the history of Moscow from the era of tsars to the Soviet period and to the ...

Moscow Night Bike Tour

4 Hours
Cycling Moscow in the evening has its own beauty and advantages. Firstly, is getting dark late in Moscow in the summer. Secondly, you can join the bike tour after all museums and galleries are closed or after the end of the working day. Also it is fresher and quieter cycling Moscow in the dusk.

Parks and Nature of Moscow

4 Hours Easy
This tour covers major Moscow tourist attractions and also takes you through beautiful parks and nature in the very center of Moscow. Surprised? But yes, in this megalopolis of steel and asphalt, in fact in the very center of it, you can find spacious parks, beautiful ponds, hills covered with ...

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