About Us

We're here to make your life easier by doing a lot of the research and leg work for your next holiday

At Cycle Tours Global, our love of both travel and cycling are unbounded - and we know we are not alone. Cycling is one of the fastest growing activities in the world today - for sport, transport, fitness, to help save the environment and, of course, leisure or recreation. And then combined with world (or domestic) travel, why doesn't everyone get out and on a bike?!

Cycle Tours Global is the brainchild of Bruce Robertson, a self-confessed cycling tour enthusiast.Bruce Robertson

"This site really started out of my own needs - I have been on cycling tours and want to do more but couldn't decide where to go and I didn't know the huge number of options that are out there. The more I looked into it the more I found - so why not share my research with the whole world! It can be very time consuming and even confusing, particularly if you're not sure what you're looking for - or even what's available. Cycle Tours Global does a lot (but not all) of the research for you and makes exploring the options easy and fun."

There are thousands of tours listed on the site with an array of filters to help narrow down your preference. In addition there are featured tours shown which you can look at or browse through for inspiration.

We are independent of tour operators and our mission is to get more people cycling by combining it with travel for a fun and enjoyable experience.