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Mammoth Journeys
Contact Number:
Mobile +44 7903461070
Mobile +44 7512649562

Oxford Oxfordshire OX13 6QA
United Kingdom
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Mammoth Journeys

Mammoth Journeys

Create Purpose and take that Journey of a Lifetime

Mammoth Journeys was created so that people can complete epic adventures.

To push themselves further than ever before, to create amazing stories, and live their lives to the fullest.

Explore Europe on bicycle with likeminded individuals who are all looking for an adventure!
Their Tours

The Iranian Explorer

12 Days Moderate 610 KmAVG 67 Km
Discover the hidden gems of Persia with our Iranian Explorer. Basing our adventure in the untouched northwest of Iran we have the perfect setting for that life changing Journey. Iran’s picturesque high mountains, lush forests, and beautiful coastline of the Caspian Sea, offer the perfect ...

The Asian Gateway

47 Days Mod-Advanced 3860 KmAVG 104 Km
A map of Europe will never look the same again after you cycle across the entire continent west to east. The country count continuously ticks over as you edge your way towards our final destination Istanbul; the Gateway to Asia. This Journey really does have it all taking you from one ...

The African Quest

35 Days Mod-Advanced 3095 KmAVG 110 Km
A Mammoth Journeys classic, the Quest takes you through the heart of Europe cycling the length of France and Spain, before arriving into Tangier and then traversing across Morocco onto Marrakech. Lush rolling French countryside, arid Spanish mountains, and finally sparse Moroccan desert ...

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