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Mad Dogs Adventure
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Hong Kong
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Mad Dogs Adventure

Mad Dogs Adventure

Mad Dogs is all about adventure. Our flexible events (ranging from 1-7 days) present scintillating and unique opportunities to experience a deeply personal interaction with fascinating Asian countries - the people, the food, the landscape, the street life, the culture. Cycling every inch of possible distance between two fabulous places, you will have a privileged fully balanced view of life there, and support is always to hand when needed. At the end, you’ll come away with a great deal of pride!
Their Tours

The Taiwan Epic

6 Days Adv-Challenging 560 KmAVG 140 Km
The epic cycling adventure which follows the wild East of the island of Taiwan. You can join for the entire Epic, cycling from Taipei to Kenting, or for any stretch along the route. The first 2 days is the most challenging section, featuring the famous Suhua Highway, with the final two days, ...
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 19 Feb 2017

Japan Epic

9 Days Adv-Challenging 1101 KmAVG 157 Km
Cycle the Japanese countryside, mountains dominating most horizons, along rugged coastlines, past caldera lakes and smoking volcanoes. Then soothe your muscles in refreshing onsen (baths). Suitable for non-cycling partners too, thanks to the rail network. You're encouraged, if you don't want ...
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 19 Feb 2017

Vietnam to Thailand Challenge | Hanoi to Bangkok

5 Days 725 KmAVG 181 Km
This is quite simply a dazzling adventure through the heart of the Indochinese Peninsula. The variety is mind blowing and comes in many forms - landscape, people, alphabet, cuisine... After 4 days you'll feel as though you've been away for a month. A truly exhilarating and mega achievement ...
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Penang to Phuket Challenge

7 Days 665 KmAVG 166 Km
We have selected the most stunning parts of the Singapore to Krabi Challenge, added the majesty of Penang and the luxury of Phuket. This is truly a pleasure, as well as being a proper overland adventure through one of the most culturally diverse parts of Asia. Stunning countryside, karst ...
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Hanoi to Bangkok Mad Dog Challenge

10 Days Adv-Challenging 1420 KmAVG 177 Km
This is an odyssey of a challenge in which you must cross three countries (Vietnam, Laos and Thailand). The ride is characterised by long days, lovely countryside, some great climbs, good roads and intensely delicious food. At the end of 8 days you'll feel it lasted a month. Serious respect here ...
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Hong Kong to Hanoi Mad Dog Challenge

9 Days Adv-Challenging 1204 KmAVG 172 Km
Riders see the Pearl River Delta morph into exclusive forgotten corners. Highlights include Kaiping's UNESCO recognised watchtowers, lovely countryside, the Ha Long bay area and finishing for the best-earned celebratory beers in the splendid Vietnamese capital. Mad enough?
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

The Mad Dog Dash from Phuket

3 Days Adv-Challenging 165 Km
A stunning one-day challenge spanning arguably the most beautiful parts of Thailand, and the country's two foremost beach destinations. It's got it all - beach roads, hills small villages in the hinterland, not to mention spectacular karst topography. Beach finish!
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Sapporo to Russia Challenge

7 Days Adv-Challenging 675 KmAVG 168 Km
Cycle beautiful Hokkaido, with stunning mountains and rugged coast, before a ferry ride to nearby Sakhalin, Russia’s largest island. It's a proper wilderness where you'll push north! Exceptional challenge; proper adventure. Only available on request to groups of 10+.
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

The Kaiping Mad Dog Dash

3 Days Adv-Challenging 155 Km
A major challenge crammed into a short weekend, when you will cycle all the way from the Macau border area to the Kaiping area - UNESCO registered for its "diaolou" watchtowers. The ride ends in Chikanzhen, entirely stunning old buildings - this is the real China, before the economic explosion!
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

The Hokkaido Half Mad Dog Challenge

7 Days Moderate
Set off from Hokkaido's capital of Sapporo, with Japan's northernmost point as the final goal - any further and it's Russia!Natural beauty, rugged isolation and wonderful wildlife characterise this brilliant insight into Japan's little-known extreme North.
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Singapore to Krabi Mad Dog Challenge

9 Days Adv-Challenging 1282 KmAVG 183 Km
Conquer the Malay Peninsula and Southern Thailand on this palm-tree dominated challenge when you will engage head-on with Malay, Indian, Chinese and Thai cultures and cuisines. Krabi is the ideal finish, with its stunning karst mounts jutting from the tranquil sea. Mega achievement.
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

The Yunnan to Laos Half Mad Dog Challenge

9 Days Mod-Advanced
Arguably the most beautiful road trip in Asia, through deep subtropical mountains and stunning terraced plantations, this takes you properly off the beaten track. Climbs and descents, but is appropriate for experienced and hardy beginner.
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Macau to Guilin Mad Dog Challenge

6 Days Adv-Challenging 688 KmAVG 172 Km
Some of the best adventure cycling we have ever seen, this herculean challenge delves into the lovely deep Chinese countryside of Northern Guangdong, before heading on into Guangxi’s famously spectacular and often bizarre hinterland with its karst mountains. Bring it on.
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Angkor to Phnom Penh Challenge

5 Days Adv-Challenging 590 KmAVG 147 Km
Adventure through Cambodia's countryside of rice fields and water buffalo, connecting Cambodia’s two most important places. I!
Updated by Mad Dogs Adventure on 30 Nov 2016

Hong Kong Day Rides

1 Days Adv-Challenging
Have a go cycling 20-50km, let alone 150km! If registered for a challenge, it's great to get valuable distance training under your belt. Rides are organised on demand, and all can be shortened. It's easy to hire a bike, and you can even self-guide these if you so wish, by hiring a GPS.
Updated by CTG on 5 Nov 2015

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