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Loudest Yeller Bike Tours
Contact Number:
+1 718-501-4306
141 S 5th St
Brooklyn NY
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Loudest Yeller Bike Tours

Loudest Yeller Bike Tours

Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours offers the most fun historical bicycle tours in New York City. In four hours you will learn why the NYC is the center of the world and how best to explore it going forward. Their bicycles are comfortable and easy to ride. Their guides know everything there is to know about New York City. But it's not just a bunch of facts; they tell great stories that bring all of the details to life. And they're funny too.
Their Tours

Ethnic Food Tour

1 Days
If you like food you will love NYC. We have everything here. These tours are created based upon what kind of food you’d be interested in tasting and how long you’d like to ride. Here are some basic ideas: Brooklyn: Hasidic Jewish Pastrami eggrolls, Brazilian pao de queijo (cheese bread), Polish ...

Beach Tour

7 Hours
Ride from the Far Rockaways to Brighton Beach. 2 person minimum. Tour size is a maximum of 6 people. When people think of NYC they think of tall buildings and loud cars but NYC has some incredible beaches hosting surfing competitions, taco beach culture and hippy beaches. They’re just an hour ...

Ultimate Brooklyn Tour

4.5 Hours
Our Ultimate Brooklyn Tour size is a maximum of 6 people. Brooklyn is the largest borough of NYC with a population of 2.6 million people; which, would make Brooklyn the fourth largest city in America after New York, L.A. and Chicago. There is a lot to see and everything happens here. Lots of ...

The Living City Day Tour of Lower Manhattan

4.5 Hours Easy-Moderate
Our Living City Day Tour of Lower Manhattan meets every day at 9 AM. It's our easy introductory ride through the city. We take a relaxed route that follows many bicycle paths and neighborhood streets. Along the way our guides will point out tourist destinations and explain the best way to see ...

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