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Long Leg Tours
Contact Number:
+44 (0)7989 593822
15 Wellington Avenue
St Ives Cambridgeshire PE27 3UT
United Kingdom
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Long Leg Tours

Long Leg Tours

Long Leg Tours organise cycling events and tours in the UK and Europe.
Their Tours

Paris Roubaix Challenge 2018

3 Days
This a tough cycling challenge that dates back to 1896. Paris-Roubaix Challenge offers amateur cyclists the possibility of getting as close as possible to a legendary professional race. 24 hours before the professionals, amateurs from around the world will have the opportunity to measure ...

London to Paris in 24 Hours

2 Days
Leave London around 4:00pm and cycle around 60 miles to Newhaven. Catch the overnight ferry to Dieppe, disembarking around 5.00am local time. Cycle the remaining 120 miles into Paris by 5.00pm local time. Book into your hotel before enjoying an evening meal and getting some well-earned rest ...

London to Paris Challenge

3 Days 280 MLSAVG 93 MLS
Leave London around 8:00am and cycle all the way to Dover to board the evening ferry to Calais and have dinner aboard. Disembark at Calais and cycle the short distance to your Calais hotel for a good night’s sleep. After breakfast, cycle to your hotel at Amiens, stopping en route for lunch and ...

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