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Long Haul Tasmania
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+61 (0)458 214 776
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Long Haul Tasmania

For such a small island the variety of cycling in Tasmania is unparalleled anywhere in the world. From the sandy beaches of the East Coast to the rainforests and hills of the West Coast. From the tourist draw cards such Cradle Mountain and Port Arthur to hundreds of kilometers of quiet gravel and rural roads with little traffic. There’s the Tasmanian Trail that follows dirt roads and forestry trails for 500km from Devonport on the North Coast to Dover in the south. Or get well off the beaten track and car free on Maria Island.

LongHaul Tasmania hires fully equipped Surly and Wayward touring bikes , Ortleib Front and Rear Panniers and BOB trailers.
Their Tours

Touring Tasmania

7 Days
Our fleet of Wayward and Surly touring bikes are sturdy, comfortable and reliable, exactly what you need for riding in Tasmania, whether on a classic day ride, a gravel grinding mission or a three week tour right around the State. Wayward Bicycle Co. Cape York disc tourer. Designed in ...
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