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London Family Tour
Tour Location
United Kingdom
Tour Information
3 hours
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English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch
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Family, City Tour
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London Bicycle Tour Company
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London Family Tour

3 Hours

Bring your children along to this specially designed family bike ride! You’ll cycle along the River Thames, see the Pelicans in St James’ Park and Buckingham Palace — the home of the Royal Family. This tour is not all about cycling. There are plenty of stops along the way, too! You can stop to snap some pictures, feed some squirrels and sit down for a snack break.

Your first stop will be to pick up something to eat along the way from one of the UK’s premier supermarkets. Once fully provisioned, you’ll go down the East-West Cycle Superhighway.

Crossing over Blackfriars Bridge, you will stop to take in the wonderful river view of London. From here you can see the castle-like Whitehall Court, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the wibbly wobbly skyline of The City of London.

Riding along the historic Embankment, you can take a break in one of London's secret parks! Here, the family will have a chance to kick back and play, and sit down for a bite to eat. After you get moving again, you will come upon the Palace of Westminster and pass right underneath the golden splendour of Big Ben (and also learn its real name!). All of this will be done safely and securely thanks to the whooping £47million investment into the segregated Cycle Superhighway.

The next part of the tour will take you to St. James’s Park. Marvel at its lush gardens, home to rich wildlife where Black Swans and Russian Pelicans roam free. St. James’s Park is one of the Royal Parks of London and plays to the Royal tune – parades, flags and grandeur! Feel as regal as a Duchess as you cycle along Birdcage Walk to Buckingham Palace.

You will have another stop outside the Queen’s home of Buckingham Palace. Guess whether she is home or not, learn about the dark past of Green Park, and watch the Queen’s Guard with their black furry hats guarding the Palace. And in front of the Palace gates there are fountains, statues and an opportunity to buy ice cream!

After that it will be time to head back. On your return, you’ll ride along the horse track that leads to the Horse Guards Parade Ground with the Queen’s Life Guard. They have been there since 1660, protecting the Royal Palace in the name of The United Kingdom.

Relax and enjoy the view as you rejoin the Cycle Superhighway back to Gabriel’s Wharf!
Booking Conditions
Suitable for families of all age groups from 18 months
Last Booking to see the Queen’s Life Guards: 1:30pm
Last Booking to get back before cycle rush-hour: 2:30pm
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