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Link Community Development
Contact Number:
+44 (0) 207 226 9331
19b Compton Terrace
London N1 2UN
United Kingdom
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Link Community Development

Improving the quality of education in Africa

Link Community Development works at all levels of the education system – with communities, schools and governments – to identify and remove the obstacles to quality education.

We currently work in rural districts of Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, and Uganda, and there is demand for us to extend our work to other countries.

Link also works with schools in England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the USA. We build support for development and raise awareness of important global issues through our Link Schools Programme, as well as raising funds and supporting our work in sub-Saharan Africa.
Their Tours

Bike Africa: Uganda

10 Days Moderate 450 Km
Bike Africa: Uganda offers participants the opportunity to get up close and personal with the scenery in one of Africa's most stunning countries... Cycle from the source of the River Nile to the stunning Murchison Falls National Park... Our unique 450km route gives you an experience of ...

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