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League of Michigan Bicyclists
Contact Number:
+1 517 334-9100
+1 888-642-4537
416 S. Cedar St.
Suite A
Lansing MI 48912
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League of Michigan Bicyclists

Their Tours

Shoreline West

3 Days 150 MLS
There is so much to experience on this ride: view historic lighthouses, pristine orchards, world famous cherries, wineries, farms, swim at sugar sand beaches, climb the dunes, grab a fresh lunch and picnic along the route in "Michigan's playground" and ride through the Tunnel of Trees. The ...
Updated by CTG on 24 Mar 2014

MUP (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula)

8 Days 344 MLS
The Upper Peninsula (UP) contains 29% of the land area of Michigan but just 3% of its total population. Residents are frequently called Yoopers (derived from "U.P.-ers"). Locals are proud of their heritage, the region's rugged natural beauty and disdainful of the "trolls" below the Mackinac ...
Updated by CTG on 24 Mar 2014

Sunrise Bicycle Tour

4 Days 171 MLS
Our host city, Alpena, is a bustling, small city filled with friendly people and offering lots to see and do. In addition to 3 glorious days of bicycling inthe Alpena area, there is much to do in your non riding time.
Updated by CTG on 24 Mar 2014

Pedal & Paddle

3 Days Easy 134 MLS
Welcome to "River Country," the name given the area's scenic farmland, meandering roads and rivers. Dotted with historic towns, Native American names, and Amish farms, River Country has more navigable waterways than any other county in Michigan thanks to its hundreds of small lakes, rivers and ...
Updated by CTG on 24 Mar 2014

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