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Kyoto Cycling Tour Project
Contact Number:
+81 75-354-3636
552-13 Higashi-Aburanokoji-cho
Aburanokoji-dori Shiokoji sagaru Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto 600-8235
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Kyoto Cycling Tour Project

Their Tours

Back Street Tour

3 Hours Easy
Pedaling along the backstreets and paths by the rivers , you can find many new things about Kyoto.
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Machiya (Classical Housing) Tour

4 Hours Easy
Machiya" (tradesman's house)are the traditional buildings in Kyoto. It shows the relationship between nature and the human beings. The tour focuses on kyoto traditions, and shows you the ldaily lives of Kyoto.
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Mystery Tour

4 Hours Easy
Kyoto is a city with 1200 years history. Beside the history, there are mystery zones in Kyoto. Vengeful ghosts are lurking in shrines and temples. This tour explores hidden faces of Kyoto. You will find a different atmosphere on the way from main streets to the back alley.
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The Kyoto (East) (West)

8 Hours Easy
These are the golden traveling courses of Kyoto. All the most representative spots will be guided by KCTP in details. They are greatly recommended to the travelers who want to travel Kyoto efficiently.
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Kinkaku Arashiyama Golden Cycling Tour

4 Hours Easy
It is a cycling tour which travel along the 'Kinukake no michi', which is a connecting road between Golden pavilion and Saga-Arashiyama. This cycling tour starts from the Golden pavilion, which is the most famous tourist spot, then to Ryoan temple, where the most famous rock garden is, and then ...
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Kyoto Home Cooking Tour

5 Hours Easy
This tour is about experiencing Kyoto's natural menu 'Obanzai'. Buying ingredients at Nishiki-Market which is known as Kyoto's Kitchen and cook them on your own. It will be an opportunity to experience Kyoto's cuisine culture.
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