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Koryo Tours

Since its inception in 1993, Koryo Tours has operated hundreds of tours and taken thousands of people to North Korea. We have also organised school trips and sports events (football, volleyball and ice hockey). We even introduced cricket to North Korea and it has now become the national sport (well, perhaps some time in the future!).

We have made 3 award-winning documentaries, and are finishing off our first feature film shot in Pyongyang. It's a comic love story about a coal miner who wants to be an acrobat. We are also the foreign co-ordinator of the Pyongyang Film Festival.
Their Tours

North Korea Cycling Tour

11 Days
Join us for an incredible cycling trip of the DPRK and experience the country as few others do - from the saddle! We’ll be cycling along some new routes this year from the historical city of Kaesong to the beautiful Pakyon Waterfalls as well as some cycling in Pyongyang city itself. We’ll also ...
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