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Bike Tours in South Korea

Spring blossom cycling in Korea

The Korean peninsula has been divided between north and south for over 60 years. In land size North Korea is slightly larger but has only half the 50m population of the South, which also has the lions's share of infrastructure and development. This means that cycle touring is really only in the South, although it is now possible to tour in North Korea as well.
South Korea, while densely populated, is highly urbanised with many large cities. The big advantage of this is that the countryside is relatively quiet and peaceful - at least away from the many busy highway corridors. Fortunately most of the time on your bike tour you're not even aware of these.
Over the past five years a huge amount has been invested in cycling infrastructure around the country - particularly outside the cities. This is not very well known by the rest of the world but that is changing and future years are likely to see a big increase in cycle tourism. The vast majority of this was in the Four Rivers Project completed in 2011.

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Cycle Across Korea: Damyang to Jeju Island

9 Days Easy-Moderate 305 Km
Ride beautiful south-west Korea along the Yoengsangang bicycle path and onto subtropical Jeju Island. Tour Itinerary Day 1 : Meet & Transfer Seoul-Damyang & Welcome Dinner Day 2 : Damyang → Naju Day 3 : Naju → Mokpo Day 4 : Mokpo → Jeju Harbor → Jungmun Area Day 5 : Halla Mountain Day ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Aug 2017

Dream Bike Tour Korea

9 Days Easy-Moderate 345 KmAVG 57 Km Blog Reviews
This uniquely designed bike tour program will guide you on two wheels from Seoul to Andong (total distance about 350km). During your trip, you will ride on safe segregated Korean bike paths and have the opportunity to discover the Korean culture through a variety of programs such as ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Aug 2017

Explore Korea!

9 Days Moderate 385 KmAVG 64 Km
Explore Korea! is our first self guided bicycle program. Your adventure will start in the capital of the country: Seoul! You will first ride in the urban, modern and busy city. You will admire the city through its bridges, highways and buildings and take conscious of the quick development of the ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Aug 2017

DMZ Bike Tour

3 Hours 17.2 Km
Korea is home to an area unique and famous all over the world. That area is the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), dividing the Korean peninsula into two nations along the ceasefire line, which has a 4km width, extending 2km into each country according to the truce agreement. After going through the ...
Updated by CTG on 4 Oct 2017

Seoul City Night Tour

4 Hours Easy-Moderate 24 Km
Highlights: Seoul World Cup Stadium Sky Park Pyeonghwa Park Gayang Bridge Mirror Fountain Seonyu Bridge
Updated by CTG on 22 Aug 2017

Seoul City Bike Tour

6 Hours Easy-Moderate 36 Km
Seoul is a fast-paced city, sensitive to the whimsical changes of fads. All one has to do to feel this atmosphere is watching the Seoulites passing by, effortlessly navigating between what is in and what has faded. For tourists who don’t have time to spare, it can be difficult to choose where ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Aug 2017

Seoul – Namhansanseong Loop

3 Hours Moderate 69 Km
This ride will start off in Seoul, and quickly joins the Han River bike path. It heads south along the Tancheon bike path, and then leaves the bike path as it heads towards the main climb of the ride. The climb is about a 3 km Cat 3 climb. If the sky is clear, beautiful views of the both Seoul ...
Updated by CTG on 4 Jan 2017

Seoul and Jeju

10 Days
This tour focuses on the two most action packed areas of Korea, Seoul and Jeju Island. We start the tour featuring the highlights of our tours in the Seoul area. We include the DMZ tour, which will give you a chance to sneak a peak of the mysterious neighbor to the north. We will tour downtown ...
Updated by CTG on 31 Mar 2016

STB (Seoul to Busan) Bike Tour

7 Days Adv-Challenging 640 Km
There are four big rivers in South Korea, and those big rivers represent each Province in South Korea. Han River represents Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, South Han River represents Gangwon Province and Chungcheong Province, Nakdong River represents Gyeongsang Province, and Geum River represents ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Jan 2016

Dong River & Jeongsun

3 Days Mod-Advanced
There are a couple of cities surrounded beautiful rivers in Gangwon Province, Korea. They are Youngwol, Jeongsun, and Danyang. And especially Youngwol and Jeongsun are more special because you can discover Dong River, and also Sogeumgang by bike. Dong River Dong River is one of the most ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Jan 2016

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