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KanTengri Expeditions
Contact Number:
+7 (727) 2910200
10 Kasteyev street,
Almaty 050010
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KanTengri Expeditions

KanTengri Expeditions

Kan Tengri Expeditions was founded in 1986 and now is one of Central Asia’s leading adventure and ethnographical tour operator based in Kazakhstan.

We are a reputable and efficient company, which operate exclusive packages throughout the country.
Their Tours

“Alatau” Mountain bike weekend

4 Days Mod-Advanced
“Almaty – Assy valley – Zhenishke river – Chilik river – Zhalanash village – Almaty”

Deserts & Mountains

15 Days Mod-Advanced
This route passes across semideserts and follows to the Central Tien Shan mountains . The program starts in Almaty where you have a city tour and excursion after you transfer to Altyn Emel National Park. Here we'll spend 4 days biking across this semi-desert unpeopled part of Kazakhstan, we'll ...

To The Heart Of Tien Shan

12 Days Mod-Advanced
The Tien Shan mountains, which form the border with China to the east, boast the most northerly peaks over 7000 meters on the planet. Peak Khan Tengri (7010m) and Peak Pobedy (7439m) present a spectacular backdrop during this remarkable mountain biking expedition. Leaving the former capital ...

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