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Japan Holidays
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Japan Holidays

Japan Holidays

Expect the ultimate in travel to Japan to enable you to enjoy the ultimate in hospitality.
Japan Holidays provides service that cannot be sought through a travel brochure or general travel agent, ensuring your holiday is uniquely special. Our award winning tours are guaranteed to broaden your horizons and provide memories to last a lifetime.
Their Tours

Japan Cycling Tour

15 Days 940 KmAVG 104 Km
Ride out of Tokyo thru Route 246, Tamagawa Cycling Road. Once we arrive “Doshi michi” traffic and signals are minimum. A paradise for cyclists. Stay in a Japanese style inn. Enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji coming closer. (if the weather is fine). Passing thru the Fuji Five Lakes located at alt ...

Shimanami Cycling

4 Days 70 Km
Enjoy cycling on the 70km Shimanami Kaido (coastal road), Japan's first cross-channel road which connects Onomichi, Hiroshima and Imabari, Ehime. The Shimanami Kaido crosses over the Seto Inland Sea, going past 6 islands: Mukaishima island, Innoshima island, Ikuchijima island, Omishima island ...

Hida Satoyama

3.5 Hours
Enjoy the best of Hida in the most popular Satoyama cycling tour.Visitors will ride through a variety of settings including rice paddies, cattle farms, rivers, temples and local residential areas. Participants will have a chance to talk to the friendly locals, try local food, and experience the ...

Kashima to Hachinohe

8 Days Moderate 825 KmAVG 137 Km
How could you not want to ride 800kms in 6 days with 9000m of climbing in another country along such a significant route? The 2011 powerful tsunami waves reached up to 40.5m in Miyako and travelled up to 10kms inland in the Sendai area causing extensive loss of life and severe damage to north ...

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