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In 1998 the founder of the company, Klaus Schenk, had the bright idea of combining a ships cruise with a cycling tour. Little did he know how many people he would inspire with his idea. Today we are proud to be recognised as a specialist tour operator for boat cruises in combination with cycle tours, mountain bike tours, e-bike tours and multi-adventure programs.
Their Tours

Bicycle Cruise Vietnam

15 Days 190 Km
Vietnam is a country full of originality, overwhelming nature and mysterious monuments of times gone by. It is a country full of contrasts, with bustling, vibrant cities and rural districts where time seems to have stood still. Experience two weeks of Oriental flair and discover by bike and boat ...
Updated by CTG on 10 Mar 2017

South Greek Aegean

8 Days Easy-Moderate 147 Km
Since ancient times Rhodes has received the name of the sun god Helios with reason to its name: With over 3.000 hours of sundhine each year it is one of the sunniest regions in Europe; proving that Helios still pays special attention to his island. With your bicycle and the boat, a comfortable ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Central Greek Aegean

8 Days Easy 183 Km
On a comfortable Turkish gulet and by bicycle we explore the sun islands of the Greek Aegean. The islands are a magical and mythical world filled with historical monuments and an abundance of stories. Come with us on a voyage of discovery and experience the Aegean from a special perspective ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

The Gulf of Corinth and the Ionian Islands

8 Days 165 Km
Join us on a fascinating journey through time and culture! This Islandhopping special tour combines the Greek mainland with the impressive islands of the Ionian Sea. For one week, travelling by bicycle and on the two-masted motor sailer, Panagiota, we experience first-hand the cultural and ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Cyclade Islands

8 Days Easy-Moderate 150 Km
The Cyclades, an archipelago comprised of more than 30 islands, is the cradle of the first European civilised society 5,000 years ago. It is also here that Greece shows its most unadulterated side in all its diversity: Gleaming white cubic houses with blue shutters and labyrinth lanes give the ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Ionian Islands

8 Days Moderate 200 Km
On the Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece, Hellas shows her greenest side: Pure nature, the crystal clear blue shimmering Ionian Sea and centuries of Venetian influences dominate the archipelago of the Ionian Islands. From Corfu, which was the dream island of the unforgettable ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

National Parks of North Croatia

8 Days Easy-Moderate 390 Km
This tour is part of our newly developed individual tours programme and an ideal supplement to our boat and bike tours. Alone, in couples or in a group of your choice, you can go for one week on a tour traveling between selected hotels. Your luggage is transported for you, and you yourself ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Kvarner Bay & Istria

8 Days Easy-Moderate
This journey offers the opportunity to extend your cycling holiday in Croatia for another week of individual cycling; this week booked separately from other Islandhopping offers may be a worthwhile alternative for your holiday in Croatia. The proposed cycle tours complete our tours around ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

MTB-Week from Pakostane

8 Days Easy-Moderate 222 Km
There is a good reason why this tour is subtitled “vacationing among friends”, because Yvonne Richner-Škiljić and her husband Jure have for some time now been good friends and partners of Islandhopping. We got to know both of them as enthusiastic tour guides on our boat and bike tours in Croatia ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

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