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Ichnusa Bike
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+39 70 85 70 370
Via Sassari 26
Cagliari Sardinia 09123
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Ichnusa Bike

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Tra Mari e Monti

7 Days Moderate
By Race Road bike to discover the many faces of this beautiful island. From the silent landscapes of the inland areas to the sound of the waves and the scents and colors of the Mediterranean coasts in a trip that will introduce you to the ancient and wild spirit that this land still offers to ...

Towards the mountains of sand

8 Days Moderate
There are places that are worth a visit even just to say that you've been there. This track, full of charm, will generate new sensations in every lap and continuously stimulate the visitor. It's a rapid succession of images and discoveries: from the "nuraghes" to the little wild horses, unto ...

West Passage

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Along the west coast to discover landscapes that tell of many different souls of Sardinia; a mix of colours, tales, emotions and silences that can become yours only through your bike.

Alghero Short Break

5 Days
In the North-West of Sardinia, a short bike break between land and sea to discover its beaches, natural environment and typical little villages. A route where history, culture and traditions are different as the different souls of Sardinia.

Le Luci della Costa Smeralda

4 Days Easy-Moderate
In the northeast of Sardinia, a short bike trip that will reveal to you this enchanting Mediterranean spot. From the charming little towns of Palau and La Maddalena to the silent beaches of Caprera unto the stretch of coast known worldwide as the Emerald Coast, always on the magazines for its ...

Cagliari Short Break

4 Days Easy-Moderate
Discovering Cagliari and its su surroundings - this city in the centre of the Mediterranean is still capable of inspiring awe and w onder in visitors.

Towards the Sea

8 Days Moderate
If what you're looking for is the sea, crystal-clear, this track will take you, after crossing the centre of the island, towards the enchanting coasts of the southeast of Sardinia where sometimes the sky merges with the sea in a unique and spectacular horizon.

La Costa del Sud

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Follow an easy route from Iglesias to Chia, through old mining sites, natural monuments and ruins of ancient civilizations. It's suitable for everyone and enables you to discover the history, traditions and architecture of the south west coast of Sardinia. Suitable for everyone including ...

Ghost Villages

8 Days Moderate
In the Sulcis Iglesiente area (southwest Sardinia) a unique itinerary discovering a hinterland rich with natural beauty, historic traces and industrial archaeology. Mines, abandoned villages, canyons, the sea and naturally mountainbiking in this tour that will let you discover a piece of a ...

2 wheels in time

8 Days Mod-Advanced
By bike along our most intense road tour that starting from Cagliari, passing hills and mountains, riding along an uncontaminated coastline and crossing old villages, will lead you to Iglesias

Transardinia Classic

8 Days Mod-Advanced
A crossing of Sardinia from north to south through the highest mountains and most inaccessible areas of the island. Over 10,000 meters of uphill climbing, 450 miles of pure adventure, away from the traffic and noise of the civilization and the great towns, through the most spectacular and ...

Transardinia West

8 Days Mod-Advanced
It's the adventure journey that, from the surroundings of Alghero, will allow you to explore the inland areas, small towns and beautiful beaches of the west coast of Sardinia, and that will lead you eventually close to Pula, a few kms from Cagliari. A mtb raid where, unlike the Classic track ...

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