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Germany / Austria / Switzerland - Lake Constance

Wonderful Lake Constance, where Germany, Austria & Switzerland meet and share the Alps

Italy - Alps to Venice

8 Days
From beautiful Alpine scenery to one of the most famous, unique and picturesque cities in the world, Venice.

Lanzarote: The Land of the Volcanoes

8 Days Easy
Enjoy a ride through some of the most dramatic landscapes to be found in Europe. These islands are of volcanic origin. Lanzarote suffered a series of eruptions in the 18th century and as a result has some fascinating landscapes with volcanoes everywhere we look and immense lava flows - some of ...

Andalusia – White Villages

7 Days Easy
A trip through the southernmost tip of Europe. Dazzling whitewashed villages set against an intense blue sky, olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see, flamenco, beautiful local architecture and narrow winding streets which speak of its Arab past, a benevolent climate, long and unspoilt ...

Andalusia – The Route of the Moors

8 Days Easy
Granada and Cordoba are cities that need no introduction. They probably best exemplify Spain’s Moslem heritage at a time when the Arab Empire included substantial portions of Europe and the greater part of the Iberian Peninsula.

La Rioja - The Descent of the River Ebro

8 Days Easy
A superb trip, following the River Ebro, the longest in Spain, as it flows from its source in the Cantabrian Mountains down to the distant Mediterranean. The very name of the Iberian Peninsula comes from this river — Iberia, the country of the Ebro.

Green Valleys of Cantabria

8 Days Easy
A new trip which combines magnificent scenery, with more of an emphasis on the splendid inland scenery to be found in Cantabria. A great tour if you like the challenge of climbing from one superb valley to the next. Beautiful villages and great riding. Our two-night stopovers mean that you don't ...

Catalonia - Coast & Countryside

8 Days Easy
Catalonia is a region of Spain with its own unique identity. It is home to some of the country's most varied scenery, ranging from the spectacular Pyrenees on the border with France, down through beautiful farmland and forests, to the rugged beauty of the Costa Brava. Here the pretty coastline ...

Camino de Santiago / Way of St James

7 Days Easy
Pilgrims have travelled this route now for centuries. During the last few years, it has seen a revival of its popularity with pilgrims and travellers coming from all over the world to walk or ride to Santiago. Our route begins in Castile in the fine city of León and then crosses over into ...

Northern Spain - Coast & Valleys

8 Days Easy
Rich green countryside contrasts with the blue sea, the limestone peaks and the magnificent beaches.

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