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I Like eBike Budapest
Contact Number:
+36 7 02 01 04 03
Andrássy út 61
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I Like eBike Budapest

We are a small developing company which however does big things for its guests.

In 2010 as the first one in Europe so as the first in Prague we connected exploring of the city with ebikes and create then a green positive brand I Like eBike focused on its clients.

It was a great idea how to ease and help experienced travelers to discover the city without a drop of sweat. Everything happened in a mind of a manager and an owner Jan who formed an exceptional team of tour guides who love their city and radiate with the positive energy, mood and friendliness and who want to share Prague’s experiences with you. When Jan was looking for a perfect gift to his parents he encountered with an ebike and from that day he connected his love to the city with this impeccable green trend- the electric bike. Prague is quite hilly so it makes it difficult to conquer it either on normal bike or on foot so for that reason why not to use our ebikes?

Our know-how? Help our guests to feel welcomed, almost as home, as being among friends and connect our history with and incredible experiences.

In year 2014 we proudly opened our new branch in Budapest, Hungary on the same basics and principals as in Prague. What is more, other branches are going to be open in Bratislava in Slovakia and in Vienna in Austria soon.
Their Tours

Romantic Ride

3 Hours
If you have limited time and want to see the most famous and beautiful spots in Budapest, choose this one! This tour is also suitable for families or bigger groups. Budapest is beautiful especially in the evening, when this shining pearl lights up, so feel free and try our Night Romantic Ride ...
Updated by CTG on 25 Feb 2016

Real Budapest

4 Hours
Everyone heads off to Budapest to discover the rich history and this special charm which is unique among European cities, and this city has another face too- the run-down parts, like the downtown, the Puskás football stadium or the Chinese market. You‘re going to see where the locals live, work ...
Updated by CTG on 25 Feb 2016

View Point Ride

5 Hours 32 Km
If you spend just one day in Budapest, you should choose this tour, because we will show you everything what is a must see in Budapest in just 5 hours. You will manage to see spectacular views over the city from the top of the hills, which are easy to reach, because of our electric bikes. You ...
Updated by CTG on 25 Feb 2016

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