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How to find the best bike tour in France

How to find the best bike tour in France
The best bike tour is the one that ticks most if not all the boxes for you - focus in on exactly what you want from a tour or just narrow your selection a bit and have a browse.

With over 900 individual tours listed, France is the world's leading destination for bike tours. These cover a large number of terrains, ride types, durations, levels of difficulty etc. in each region giving a huge variety of available tours. Go mountain biking for a week in Corsica or 10 days in the Alps, wine tasting in three days in Champagne or a week in Burgundy, visit castles on awesome bike paths in the Loire or over a week in Dordogne on your own bike? The options are almost mind boggling so without having to browse through all of these we've made it easy by breaking them into lots of categories where you can mix and match according to what most appeals to you.

In 2016 France underwent some administrative reorganisation and mergers into 13 regions (down from 22). We have used these as categories (although for simplicity this list is further reduced to 11):
  France regions

Many tours will cover more than one region, in which case they will be listed in search results for both.

There are many other ways of narrowing down your selection:
Many of the options available are linked above - but there are plenty of more. And when you combine two or more filters you narrow down your search very quickly. We advise not to choose too many though as you mightn't get any results! Also please be aware than not all tours have all the relevant boxes ticked so keep your search fairly broad so you don't miss that perfect tour.

Cycling the Canal du Midi   Bike tour group near Avignon
Roger Lapebie bike path   Canal du Midi cycling
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