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Build your Bike Tour discount

Build up a discount for your future cycle tours just by using

Would you like to get a discount on the next bike tour you choose? Of course you would!

There are almost 8000 cycle tours, from nearly 1000 tour operators, profiled by Cycle Tours Global (CTG) - and the discount is available on most¹³ of them!

What do you have to do to build up your discount?
  • Add a Review for a bike tour you have been on ($10 each)
  • Ask the Operator - send a booking query or message about a tour ($3 each*)
  • Add to Wishlist bike tours you're considering for the future ($1 each*)

Conditions and how this works:
  1. Must be done via the tour profile page by clicking on the relevant button (Add A Review, Ask the Operator or ❤︎Wishlist)
  2. All values quoted are in US dollars and will be converted on redemption as appropriate*
  3. Earning the discount is subject to 'fair use'* noting in particular:
    1. Review must be genuine** or all of your discount will be cancelled
    2. Discount earned from Ask the Operator and the Wishlist is capped at $15 each per month*
    3. Ask the Operator messages are limited to the initial contact (one question per user)
  4. If you can't find your tour on the website then let us know and we will profile it
  5. Review must be at least 25 words to qualify
  6. This scheme operates from 1 January 2017 to 30 September 2017 (unless extended by CTG)
  7. You must be registered on the CTG website (and have a login) to be eligible
  8. The discount can only be redeemed on bike tours profiled by CTG and in accordance with these conditions
  9. On redemption the maximum discount will be the higher of 25% of the tour cost and the total of the discount accumulated
  10. Minimum redemption is $25 per person per tour
  11. A discount can be claimed once only against a particular tour departure
  12. Tour operators, travel agents and their employees/associates are not eligible
  13. Discounts are available on bike tours only (guided, hosted or self-guided) - not bike hire only listings
  14. Discounts will be paid by CTG directly to the tour operator
  15. Discounts are available on tours already discounted as Special Deals
  16. Unused balances will not expire

* Monthly limit applies (see 3.2 above)
** Determination by Cycle Tours Global is final and may be confirmed with the tour operator