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Holland Bike Tours
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Holland Bike Tours

The staff of Holland Bike Tours is a professional and dedicated group of Dutch cycling enthusiasts. Each one has his or her specific and long time expertise on either cycling routes, bicycle technology, website building and tour planning.

Quick and personal tour selection - clear presentation - immediate booking facilities. That was our starting point when we designed the website. Supported by concise travel information about the Netherlands.

We offer a variety of high quality bike tours and we keep searching for exciting ‘hidden treasures’: short and long, challenging and relaxing, basic and luxurious, and tours you would not expect.

We hope that after your cycling tour in Holland, along with many other cyclists, you will sigh:
“The toughest part is going home”.
Their Tours

Hanseatic history

6 Days Moderate 215 Km
This tour is about the Dutch Hanseatic cities. But this tour gives you much more - you will find out a lot about history, combined with cycling routes through the beautiful River Yssel valley. The Dutch Hanseatic cities of Doesburg, Zutphen, Deventer, Hattem, Zwolle, Kampen and Hasselt are ...
Updated by CTG on 30 Nov 2015

Fast polder roads

5 Days Moderate 240 Km
This tour takes you along the Mid-Holland lowlands and waterways. You will get a good impression of what the Dutch have achieved with their amazing water management systems.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Lowlands Loop

5 Days Moderate 350 Km
Holland’s struggle for land is legendary and during this cycling tour you will find out why. You will also experience the thrill of excellent, fast road biking on the river dikes.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Eleven Cities

4 Days Mod-Advanced 240 Km
This road bike tour is quite special. Originally the Frisian Eleven Cities tour is completed on ice-skates. Our version is a cycling route along eleven beautiful Frisian towns and villages.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Limburg both ways

5 Days Moderate 180 Km
This cycling tour is in Limburg, being the most southern region of the Netherlands. There are two tour options: three days of road biking with climbs in the low hills or less strenuous E-bike trips. Road bike routes focus on hill climbing E-bike routes are focused on relaxing cycling ...
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

WW II Liberation Route

4 Days Easy 150 Km
This luxurious, guided tour takes you to the area where WW II Operation Market Garden played out. You will visit historic sites and cycle on an e-bike over the hard-won liborators routes.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Hanseatic towns and more

6 Days Easy
Comfortable cycling along the history of the Hanseatic League and the merchants in the Medieval times. This pampered tour is combined with the flora and fauna of the River Yssel valley.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Water and Woods

6 Days Moderate 250 Km
The Dutch pasturelands, long horizons and slow flowing rivers are one aspect of this tour. The other is where you cycle through the more intimate woodlands of the Veluwe region.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Big Amsterdam Tour

3 Hours Easy 10 Km
This bike tour gives you a fascinating picture of the rich history of Amsterdam. You cycle safely along the many points of interest that the old city center has to offer.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Amsterdam Waterland

4 Hours Moderate 25 Km
This four hours tour takes you through the most beautiful 25 km in the spectacular Waterland district north of Amsterdam.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

The Mid-Holland Lowlands

4 Days Moderate 190 Km
The evidence of the Dutch struggle for land can best be seen from the seat of your bicycle. Enjoy fours days of cycling along waterways, green pasturelands and friendly Dutch villages.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Peaceful Drenthe

5 Days Moderate 220 Km
The northern province of Drenthe is a cyclist’s paradise. Well maintained bike paths cross the woods, heath- and farmlands. The perfect environment for a guided recreational cycling tour.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Holland to Bruges

11 Days Easy
It is no accident that this is one of the most popular tours. You cycle in two countries both of which are really bike-crazy. The tour gives you a balanced combination of typical Dutch rural areas and quite a number of well preserved, picturesque towns, among them the famous town of Bruges!
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Sweet and Salt Run

6 Days Mod-Advanced 590 KmAVG 147 Km
This bike tour is a unique experience for road cyclists. You cycle a 'salt' part along the North Sea coastal bicycle path and a 'sweet' part over the dikes and along the Dutch rivers, canals and lakes.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Cruising the Hoge Veluwe

8 Days Easy 210 Km
The Dutch National Park, De Hoge Veluwe is famous for its points of interest, wildlife, variety of vegetation and…bike paths. The cycling infrastructure is really excellent.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Around Gouda

4 Days Easy 120 Km
Gouda is famous for its cheeses and also its historic town center. Experience both and also enjoy scenic bike rides! The surrounding wetlands have abundant birdlife, as well as superb bicycle paths.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

Historic towns and beaches

7 Days Easy 215 Km
This tour lets you see the rich history of some of the proud Dutch cities and their medieval origins. The cycling route linking these towns leads along the North Sea and some of the Dutch lowlands.
Updated by CTG on 4 Aug 2014

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.