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Bike Tours into History

Many tours visit historical sites and may even give some insights, however the following tours specialise in and take pride in their history. They are definitely bike tours but the focus is usually more on history than cycling. Often accompanied by a historian, archaeologist or other expert, you'll learn heaps and enjoy it all from a bike!

Third Reich Tour

4 Hours 5 MLS
Our 3rd Reich tour is by far our most intensive and educational tour and from this standpoint offers the greatest value of any of our tours. The political organization that would become dominated by Adolf Hitler and eventually known as the Nazi Party was founded in Munich in 1919. This dark ...

Hanseatic history

6 Days Moderate 215 Km
This tour is about the Dutch Hanseatic cities. But this tour gives you much more - you will find out a lot about history, combined with cycling routes through the beautiful River Yssel valley. The Dutch Hanseatic cities of Doesburg, Zutphen, Deventer, Hattem, Zwolle, Kampen and Hasselt are ...

Berlin Wall

3.5 Hours 15 Km
It was far more than just a wall, it was a symbol for the misery and the most visible sign of the struggle between two systems. With our guided bike tour you can discover the Berlin Wall. For almost 30 years, this 160-kilometer-long, so-called “death strip” cut through the city and the lives ...

Gettysburg & the Civil War Bike Tour

4 Days Easy-Moderate
Bike Through History: The Civil War from Gettysburg to Antietam and Harpers Ferry Prepare yourself for a totally visceral experience of American history combined with a relaxing bike vacation. Come join us on our award-winning 4-day Civil War bike tour and pedal through Gettysburg, Antietam ...

Dictatorship and Democracy

3 Hours
In April 1936, a massive political change took place in Spain. On the 14th of April the second Spanish republic was declared and for the first time in hundreds of years a Spanish king was sent packing. This resulted in a very bloody period for Spain. This bike tour will tell you more about the ...

Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg

6 Days Easy
Join us in October for our easy bike tours in Virginia. Located in a flat part of the state known as the Tidewater area, our Virginia bike tours are perfectly suited to school groups, family bike tours, as well as to history buffs and folks seeking to prolong their summer. Our Virginia bike ...

Normandy D-Day Beaches

7 Days Easy-Moderate
4 star hotel. Visiting D Day beaches, Omaha, Juno, Gold, Sword, Point du Roc, Arromanches, Pegasus Bridge and the Atlantic Wall Bunker, the mediaeval town of Bayeux famous for its Tapestry and old buildings. Visit to a Cider and Calvados tasting farm. Plenty of time to see the monuments, easy ...

D Day Beaches, Normandy & Brittany

7 Days Easy
It’s hard to cram 1000 years of history into a seven day bike tour but that’s exactly what we’ve done.  As you look down on the D-Day battlegrounds, you’ll get a sense of what it was like for the Vikings, William the Conqueror and the Allies who used these famous shores to begin their epic ...

Shanghai City View – Jewish Nostalgic Tour

1 Days Easy
At the beginning of World War II, about 30,000 Jewish people fled from Europe to Shanghai, calling themselves “Shanghailanders.”Most settled in the neighbourhood of the Hongkou District. The Ohel Moishe Synagogue served as the spiritual heart of this Jewish community, and currently houses the ...

Following In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great

8 Days Moderate
In 334 BC, Alexander the Great together with his companions embarked on a journey to continue expanding his father's kingdom, Macedonia. Among the first stations of his unprecedented campaigns, were regions of Lydia and Caria which were then still Persian regions, with flourishing cities such as ...

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