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Bike Tours into History

Many tours visit historical sites and may even give some insights, however the following tours specialise in and take pride in their history. They are definitely bike tours but the focus is usually more on history than cycling. Often accompanied by a historian, archaeologist or other expert, you'll learn heaps and enjoy it all from a bike!

Great War Battlefields

7 Days Moderate 340 KmAVG 68 Km
A fascinating tour exploring the battlefields of World War One. Varying daily mileage with some longer days, plenty of history and poignancy. Almost a century on it is still humbling to see the places where such sacrifice took place in such terrible conditions. 5 days' cycling; 6 nights’ half ...

D-Day Beaches and the Battle of Normandy

5 Days Moderate 355 KmAVG 71 Km
Thought-provoking sites and museums, bringing alive the momentous events of the world's biggest amphibious landing and the fierce fighting throughout Normandy as the Allies tried to establish a foothold on mainland Europe.

Downtown Historic Tour

2 Hours 7 MLS
Enjoy a leisurely 7 mile ride around Downtown Sarasota, starting at Pioneer Park (1260 12th Street 34236) and visiting our distinctly different neighborhoods and historical points of interest. From the Bay front to Payne Park learn what makes Sarasota such a unique, and well preserved place.

WW-II and Anne Frank

1.5 Hours
Based on old photos I will take you back to the time the country was occupied. From the perspective of the photographer you can see how the streets looked between 1940-1945. With the pedicab we will follow various story lines that will bring life during the occupation closer: the step by step ...

American history in Amsterdam

1 Hours
Following different story lines we will meander the beautiful and lively historical city center by pedicab. After Thomas Jefferson formulated "The Declaration of Independence" in 1776, which would lead to the independence of the USA, The Netherlands after France would be the 2nd country to ...

Black History

1 Days 8 MLS
An 8 mile black history cycle tour exploring Manchester’s role in the abolition of slavery and the paradox of Manchester’s wealth bring built on slave grown cotton. We will also hear stories and visit sites connected to more recent black history such as Manchester’s role in the post empire Pan ...

WoManchester Ride

1 Days 6 MLS
A 6 mile guided cycle tour where we visit sites associated with the 6 women who were shortlisted for a new statue as part of the WoManchester Project (Elizabeth Raffald, Elizabeth Gaskell, Margaret Ashton, Emmeline Pankhurst, Ellen Wilkinson and Louise DaCocodia). Come along and hear stories ...

Nothing to Lose But Our Chains

1 Days
Cycling has always represented more to women than transport – Susan Anthony, American Suffragette in 1896 claimed ‘it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world’. This tour 10 mile on and off city roads shares some of our adventures into who has or is influencing that ...

Bicycles: The Chains That Set Women Free

1 Days
Get in the mood to celebrate the launch of Pankhurst in the Park, by joining us for a pre-launch dip into radical, local history. We'll journey from Alexandra Park to The Pankhurst Centre on Nelson Street, and back to 'Tea Hive' Pavilion, on a heritage cycle tour. As part of the Woman on Wheels ...

Suffragette Ride and Tea Party

1 Days
The bicycle has long been associated with Manchester’s suffragettes and is a powerful symbol of women’s liberation. As the city gears up for International Women’s Day, we are holding a Suffragette Ride from Chorlton via the Pankhurst Centre and Alexandra Park to celebrate the bicycle’s role in ...

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