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Bike Tours into History

Many tours visit historical sites and may even give some insights, however the following tours specialise in and take pride in their history. They are definitely bike tours but the focus is usually more on history than cycling. Often accompanied by a historian, archaeologist or other expert, you'll learn heaps and enjoy it all from a bike!

Easter Rising Tour

2 Hours
We bring you to the main sites associated with the 1916 Rising, and offer you a dispassionate account of the rebellion and the context in which it took place. We visit the GPO, from where the Proclamation of the Irish Republic was proclaimed; We then follow the route taken by the retreating ...


1 Days Moderate
From Vilafranca we will go to the capital of cava, Sant Sadurní, on a flat walk to the Romanesque monastery of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs (eleventh century and declared of National Interest), where we will stop a few minutes. Then we will bike some ascending km to arrive first at the premises of ...

Anglo Zulu Battlefields

4 Days Moderate 140 KmAVG 35 Km
This is a huge opportunity for mountain biking on raw natural trails that are sculpted through the ages by these rural peopled as they go about their daily lives. Just a stone’s throw away from the city of Durban is the fabled Valley of 1000 Hills, the nearest rural area which is dominated by ...

Hadrian's Wall 5 Day Tour

5 Days 150 MLS
Saunter across the North! Our 5 day/4 night tour is first and foremost a touring holiday. The five days on the saddle gives you the time to really look around and spend time in the places that grab you. This is truly a tour for people looking to discover what the north is all about. Hadrian's ...

Hadrians Wall 3 Day Cycling Tour

3 Days 150 MLSAVG 50 MLS
The 3 Day tour is all go, go, go and is only advisable for regular cyclists. Averaging close to 50 miles a day over some stunning scenery, it's a tour about the journey more than the places inbetween-and what a journey it is. Hadrian's Wall was built almost two millennia ago and was ...

Hadrian's Wall 4 Day Tour

4 Days Moderate 150 MLSAVG 37 MLS
Our 4 day/3 night tour cruises for the first two days across the Solway coast, ensuring you get an overnight stay in in the historic city of Carlisle, while increasing the milage a little to the wonderful town of Hexham in the second part of the tour. It's a tour long enough to get a real feel ...

Hadrian's Wall 4 Day Supported Cycling Tour

4 Days Moderate 150 MLSAVG 37 MLS
Four days of history, high-jinx and a few hills on our supported tour across the historical UNESCO World Heritage site of Hadrian's. Wall Our 4 day/4 night fully supported tour cruises for the first two days across the Solway coast, ensuring you get an overnight stay in in the historic city of ...

Coast, Glens and St Patrick's Trail Tour

7 Days Moderate 188 MLSAVG 31 MLS
What a way to kick off the St Patrick's Day celebrations by touring around the area where he first began his journey in Ireland. From where he was put to work as a slave round Slemish when he was first brought to Ireland, to where he established his first church after returning to Ireland, to ...

Ancient Rome

3 Hours Easy-Moderate 10 Km
A journey of discovery of the ruins of the ancient city, a gradual path, from the Republic to the Imperial age, in the main sites of ancient Rome. Riding a bicycle you will visit the sightseeing of the city and will learn the events that made Rome great.

Tour de Provence Roman

7 Days Moderate 301 KmAVG 60 Km
This Cycling Holiday Provence is for the romantics, cyclists and Francophiles. But this tour is also ideal for the French historians and cultural zealots. The Tour de Provence Roman, as the name suggests, is a cycling holiday in Provence France that traces the very early history of region ...

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